Top 5 Online Roulette Myths

Top 5 Online Roulette Myths

Multiple new casino games appear every day on the online casino market. Trying to meet the demands of the players developers create games from all different type.

But the reality shows many players still prefer the classic cards and table games. Games such as roulette have been played for centuries. Players still cannot seem to be tired of the thrill it brings.


Roulette – one of the first games of chance and its top5 myths


Equal House Edge

There are different variants of Roulette – American, French and European Roulette. Many players believe that all online Roulette versions have the same house edge. But the truth is that each version offers a different house edge. The highest house edge up to 5.26% is offered by the American Roulette. French Roulette can often offer a lower house edge thanks to the La Partage rule.

Identity of the Different Versions

Many players believe that the two versions French and European Roulette come with different names but they are the identical at the same time. This is not true. The big difference between them comes from the outside betting features. French Roulette has the option of an outside bet known as La Partage. This bet provides you the chance to get back half the value of your bet when the ball lands on zero.

Predicting the Winning Probability

Many Roulette players make the same mistake as they believe that with this game it is possible to predict which numbers will hit next. The reality is that Roulette is a simple game of chance and the outcome is random. It is just a waste of time to identify numbers that haven't hit in a while and to expect them to hit soon. (Such numbers are called cold numbers.) Winning numbers cannot be put in an order on the wheel spin. Actually there is no strategy with Roulette to predict and increase the winning chances.

Winning Streaks and Increased Bets

When it comes to online Roulette the Winning Streak is the next big myth many online casino players believe in. After a few wins and losses it happens sometimes to start hitting one win after the other. Many players want to take advantage of the winning streak and start increasing their bets. Very often the next spin is a loss. So there is nothing better than to play responsibly. Even you feel you might be on a winning streak, you shouldn't chase your wins. From the beginning you should set your bet amount that is safe and reasonable. 

The House can be beaten

And the other big myth is that multiple Roulette players are sure that there is a way to beat the house edge. In this way they can achieve an advantage and get big wins. For some players beating the house might be possible by making bets that pay 50/50. By making balancing bets they think to trick the casino. But the truth is that the advantage is always given to the casino and not to players. Casinos will simply stop to exist without a profitable house edge. Only by playing variants that offer a lower house edge it might be possible to decrease the house edge. For example, French Roulette can do this thanks to the rules La Partage and En Prison. But don't forget that you can be still at a disadvantage in the long run.

Roulette has always been one of the most thrilling games of chance. It is preferred by millions all over the globe as it offers players amazing winnings.

You can play different variants of online Roulette today!

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