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How is Brexit expected to influence the Online Gambling Market in the UK?

How is Brexit expected to influence the Online Gambling Market in the UK?

As the deadline of Brexit coming closer and closer to its end, a lot of people wonder how the UK exit from EU will affect the online gambling market.

The European online gambling market in principle is a huge one that continually keeps enlarging. With an overall value estimated to be about €15 billion, it is amongst the biggest industries worldwide. An enormous share of this gambling industry is based in Gibraltar, commonly considered to be The Rock or the European Las Vegas.


Actually, the online gambling market set in Gibraltar forms an impressive 60% of the total gambling market of the world!


Compensation claim to Gibraltar

Being the epicenter of the online gambling business in the EU, the main worry with regard to the online gambling after Brexit is finalized is who will have the legal right to lay claims to Gibraltar.

There has been a dispute over many years between Spain and the UK for Gibraltar. The Spanish has tried to claim rights over Gibraltar and make it their own, while the British stave off in an effort to maintain the proprietorship of the gambling heart for themselves.

The huge income accumulated by Gibraltar and it's over 30 casino entities apparently will turn it into a mighty cash maker for either of the counties that get the possession over this territory once and for good.

With the latest sanction of Brexit agreements and the forthcoming vicissitudes, Spain and Britain will now be obliged to join common efforts in figuring out solutions with regard to Gibraltar's prospects.

Taxes have by this time been increased for Gibraltar. As ruled in 2015 they will be taxed the same way Britain is taxed which pushed companies to give in the most tax in decades. The decision also forced operators to obtain a UK gambling license to be able to access their UK punters.


A change in power

While the rivalry for Gibraltar is ongoing, the biggest operators and UK casinos are possibly making plans to relocate utterly and establish office in other places like Malta.  Managers and officials from establishments like William Hill, 888, and others probably are deliberating on a shift to a steadier and more profitable location right after Brexit is fully applied. Though there is nothing set yet, turmoil is being made which is something that could turn to be even heavier knock on the UK online gambling market.

Higher taxation and a possible waste of access to those within the UK make the perspective of remaining in Gibraltar a slender one for lots of these renowned labels.

It is much discussed that Spain may possibly intend to construct an infrastructure that could provide more quality support and keep the online casino operators on its territory.  The probability of this to become This could quite possibly become real and trigger even more significant change in the business.


The prospects of online gambling

Online gambling is a business activity that effortlessly gains its position amongst the most profitable and quickly growing international markets. With a huge part of this business located within the EU member countries, both punters and online casino operators are unsure about the final outcome of this controversy.  

As the denouement has not come yet and the politic play has been far from its end, operators have been alerted to make prearrangements regardless which of the two directions the online gambling will follow.

At the moment, we can only wait and observe the coming developments and finally witness who will eventually overcome in this battle for influence, power, and revenue that Europe is undergoing now.

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