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The Best Online Casino Table Games

The Best Online Casino Table Games

All of the table games that can be played in the casino have long and rich history. Actually, most of these games date back from centuries. Normally, the casino table games were limited to be played only at the casinos and at parties, but now, thanks to the Internet, we can enjoy them online at many casino and play sites, which is great for the table games enthusiasts!

Of course, playing online has its downsides. The major one is the lack of interaction and personal attitude – you can’t watch or talk with the croupiers, you can’t observe and see the reactions of the other players, you can’t enjoy the casino atmosphere. But there are also some benefits like the fact that you are playing from your cozy home in front of the computer. You don’t have to dress up, to go out and you are free to bet however you like and to switch games whenever you like.

Well, after we summarized the disadvantages and the advantages of the online table games, let’s take a look to some of the best game that you can find to play on the most online casinos.



This is one thrilling high-stakes game that many gamblers enjoy playing. In the physical casinos often the tables for Baccarat can be found in separate rooms. The game is simple enough for everyone to be able to play it, but has couple of variations.

As a bettor, you will have to decide at first where to put your money – behind your hand, behind the dealers or the bankers hand or in the middle if you want to predict a tie. The goal of the game is simple – you have to get two or three cards and the total score of them to be nine. The value of the different cards is:

  • From 2 to 9 – you get the numerical value of the card;
  • From 10 to King, without Ace – zero points;
  • Aces give you one point.

If you get two or three cards with big value and they sum up at two-digits number, to simplify them under nine, you will have to sum the two separate digits and this is your final number. Example: You got total of 12, but this is over 9, so you sum 1+2 and your score is 3. The winner usually is the player with the exact number of nine or the one, which score is the closest to nine, but there are different variations of the game, so check the rules to be sure.


3 Card Poker

This is a classic poker game with only three cards. At this variation of the game as a player, you have slightly more influence over the outcome of the game, but still… The first thing that you should do when playing is to choose your Ante bet. After that step you are given three cards and also the dealer gets the same number of cards. Then you look at what you have and give a decision whether you play or fold and lose your Ante bet.

The ranking of the cards is similar to another popular poker game – The Texas Hold’em. You got straight flush after that there is three of a kind after that is straight flush and last – a pair. As you can guess, if you beat the dealers hand, you will get paid with the Ante and the Play bets that are made afterwards.



If you think that you are lucky, you can try the so called “Game of chance”, which we all know just as a Roulette. Every bettor at this game rely only on the luck to be a winner. In most uk online casinos they play two variations of the roulette – the European and the American. But the basic things about the two variations are similar.

In the European Roulette the wheel has numbers from zero to thirty-six which are on blocks with different colors – black and red, but only the zero is on green.

In the American Roulette the wheel is the very same but the zeroes are two – a regular zero and a double-zero, both colored in green. This is made for increased chance of getting a green color or a zero as a number. But most of the gamblers for one or another reason prefer the European-style Roulette.

As you can guess, the winner is the player that predicted the right number or the right color that the ball will land on.



Another classic gambling table game which is dating back from 18th century and comes from France. Even today it is one of the most preferred by the bettors at many physical or online casinos.

The rules of the game are simple enough – as a bettor, you must get a hand of cards with score of 21 or the closest to this number. You are not allowed to go over 21. This game is really simple and fun to play, even from some unexperienced gamblers.

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