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Baccarat - basic steps to win

Baccarat Tips

The variety of casino games available for having fun in the internet sites is quite interesting and big. You can choose of course according to what your preferences are, but an online game that is among the oldest ones and really quite famous, especially in Asia, is Baccarat.

The first time you see a different situations of the game in accordance to the final score that the player may have, you could find it a bit complex because even though you do not need to take any decisions for drawing cards, there are certain rules that need to be followed and they look a bit confusing, but only at the first moment. But if you like such type of games and you have some patience you can become a real master. So we can review the basics of baccarat in the present article and after that you can start with your first steps and see how it goes.


The good thing here is that there are a few different styles of the game. So in accordance to the skills that you have, you might like one of those styles, although the difference in variations is not as big as you might think.

When we consider the popularity of the game among players, it is not surprising that there is the variant to go to traditional casinos, as well as to visit best online casinos if you are a fan of online casino games. If you prefer you could do both, sit comfortably at home and play it live, having an online casino dealer.


First steps in the game

The most popular variant of the game, particularly in Europe, is called Punto Banco. It means 'player banker' and we are sure that this is perhaps one of the simplest forms of the game and it is an appropriate choice when a beginner wants to start with playing such kid of online game.

In this game variant, the cards are automatically dealt by the house; there are no decisions about any additional drawings that the player should make. The rules are as it follows - two different hands of two cards are dealt by the dealer, and then if it is necessary a third card follows. After that the winner is determined by combining the value of all cards.

When the game ends, the Banco hands are compared to the Punto hands, and the cards value is - those from 2 to 9 get their numerical value, then you have 0 points for 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and 1 point for the Aces.


When you have a hand that the final score of the cards is ten or greater, in order to determine your final score you need to add these two numbers. For example, if you have 13 when you count the points of the cards, then your final score would be 4. And the main goal is of course to have a hand with the highest value when the end of the game is declared.

The bets are always placed in the beginning of the game. After they are placed, the dealer deals two cards in two hands and he usually declares the total. Then the cards should be counted and the player that holds cards with the highest total value of 8 or 9 wins the game. If no one has such a high value the winner is determined by dealing a third card.

When playing the variant Punto Banco Baccarat, you can bet on one of the hands - you can bet on your own hand or on Banker's hand, or you can also predict a tie. The payouts here are: Evens for Punto; 19/20 for Banco; 8/1 for Ties.


The game may gat a bit complicated in a situation when a certain rule is followed - when the player has a hand with a total score of 0 to 5, then according to the rules a third card should be given to the player. There are a few different scenarios and it is notable that the banker always 'stands' on 7, but with some practice you would not find it so complicate anymore.

When you decide to try and play Baccarat you will enjoy it for sure because it is interesting and it is actually simple at the same time, perhaps that is why this is one of the most popular versions for playing in online casino games.

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