What is RTP and how to use it for your best advantage?

What is RTP and how to use it for your best advantage?

As a form of entertainment, playing online casino games can be a source of good fun and big wins. But without fully understanding the basics or knowing how these can affect your gameplay, you won't be able to expect getting good advantage from your entertainment.


The RTP (Return to Player Percentage) comes with every casino game found online. It refers to the percentage and was set in advance by the software developer.


The RTP of each slot or casino game found online is a kind of theoretical calculation of the total amount players will be paid back within a certain period. The higher the percentage is the more often a player will be able to win for playing the game over a particular period of time. The RTP is set in advance by the creators of the casino game and can't guarantee any random big wins or losing streaks. It can only indicate the average amount that will be paid back during the game’s lifetime. The RTP is the opposite of the house edge. This means that if a game comes with a 96.3% RTP, its house edge will be 3.7%.



The formula used for the the RTP calculation is rather simple. The total amount returned to players is divided by the total amount of bets made by players. Theoretically, with a 96.3% RTP, on every $100 bets made by all players, you could get back $96.30. The RTP counts the largest wins in the average. This means that if a player gets a jackpot win from a game, the rest of the players using the same game at the same time will experience a loss on their wagers.



The RTP of the video slots is a kind of an average payout that can be awarded. Actually, video slots come with a set variance which dictates how frequently they’ll payout. When you decide to play a video slot you will need to look at its RTP percentage and its variance too. There are three variance categories of video slots: Low Variance, Medium Variance and High Variance. The low variance slots pay out small wins quite frequently. High variance slots pay out seldom big wins. The medium variance slots provide the balance of small regular payouts with the possibility to strike big wins as well. The video slot RTP and its variance go hand in hand. They are main factors to ensure a rewarding and entertaining gaming experience. When playing video slots you will be stuck with a set Return to Player percentage without the possibility to be altered.



Compared with video slots, there are casino games that impact the RTP differently. They come with flexible RTPs. You can turn the odds in your favour and ensure a win by applying the right strategy and skill to your game. Blackjack is an example for a game with a flexible RTP. With every hand you play the online game Blackjack you can easily impact the RTP by the choices you make. This can be done by using the perfect blackjack strategy. This strategy is will be determined by the blackjack variation and its set of rules. Another game that comes with a flexible RTP is Video Poker. It enables you to use a strategy and change the odds in your favour. You can find Video Poker variants that provide the option of increasing the RTP to over 100%. You can improve your winning chances by using the correct strategy chart. The truth is that this is not an easy job. It actually entails playing near the top end of the wagering scale and this can be difficult especially when you’re playing on a bankroll budget.



RTP is calculated for thousands of games. Because of this any player could potentially strike a jackpot spin on their first spin. At the same time. you can play hundreds of spins and not get a single jackpot win. The RTP charts give the right to choose the best games that will offer a better payout. But do not forget that choosing the video slot or table game you want to play will not guarantee your win. Online casino games remain games of chance. Winning is never a given and the odds will never be fully in your favour. Even you are entitled while playing online games such as blackjack and video poker to use the correct strategies or betting at the highest levels don’t count on them to help you win.

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