What is forthcoming for the online gambling technology?

What is forthcoming for the online gambling technology?

A steady and constant growth has always been observed in the casino industry since it first appeared on the horizon a long time ago. From that time on, a lot of changes took place - casinos have enlarged, online casinos have emerged, and the business as a whole has modified and underwent a big evolution with technology advancement.

Currently, after a long time since their introduction, even the most up-to-date online casinos are beginning to change. The days when playing on a mobile device was regarded as hi-tech are over. An entire new universe of opportunities was brought in in its place.


We will make a more thorough review of the perspectives that time will bring for the casino industry with regard to technology.


Online casinos incorporate Virtual reality

From portable headsets to VR play stations that teleport you into a parallel world, computer- generated reality is virtually everywhere. Though the birth of the virtual reality business was given a long time ago, the visuals were elementary so to speak and the gear was costly and large in size.

Typically for any new kind technology, VR soon resized, reshaped, and is currently available for use at your home, with the compliments of low-priced equipment such as Google Cardboard headsets or Samsung’s Gear VR. At present this same new technology is being blended into online casino games and it is working for an ultimate entertainment.

It is no surprise that the go-ahead casino software suppliers NetEnt is the first to launched into the VR cosmos. By adapting some characteristics of Gonzo’s Quest, their famous slot, NetEnt granted their players the unique gift of experiencing VR casino games at home with the means of the aforementioned hardware appliances.

Many are certain, NetEnt including, that though in its initial state of development WebVR technology will be sufficiently cultivated to inspirit VR casino games by 2018.


Online casinos augment the reality

You can tell what Augmented Reality is if you have experienced gameplays like Pokémon Go. Fundamentally, the essence of the AR is to convey the experience to you, whereas the VR is about implant you into the experience.

The online casino games may provide gamesters with the convenience of logging in from every location they like, while the AR can fetch the online casino directly in your lounge using the technology assistance. To be more precise, with the assistance of wearable technology like special gloves and glasses.

Currently, the AR casino games are still far from being feasible for the usual punters. Yet, the capacity to get a table game, other existent players, a benevolent dealer, or huge earnings to your habitat is a head dazing option that we are eager to live through ourselves.


Skill-based casino games

A speculation is circulating around that the millennial generation is the one ruling the world and determine the outcome for many industries. There is a chance this statement to be authentic, considering the latest casino obsession – Skill-based games. Basically, skill-based casino games mix the video and casino games realities into one exhilarating coalescence. 

Already present in Atlantic City, the skill-based casino games were introduced by the installment of the Video Gambling Machines (or VGMs). Pioneer in this new type of gaming, punters can pop into a thrilling action-charged gameplay named Danger Arena where big time winning is not necessarily a result of pure luck.

Being a product Gameco, VGMs emphasizes on inventing plots that enthral gamers and offer new winnings stimulants like superb visuals and original personalities and entities. Understandably, we can presume that much more of this new gaming will be observed in the upcoming years as ground casinos strive to involve masses of a younger age that favour online casinos.


Captivating eSports

The eSports world is taking the online cosmos by surprise.  If you’ve never been engaged in an eSport previously, fancy how powerful is the combination of an imaginary soccer enthusiast and online combat games. 

Fascinating about eSports is that the occupation of the youngsters in their leisure time with all gadget and gizmos turned into a gigantic industry. Devoted computer games teams of players that stream their devices in real time in front of live audiences, competing to win, plenty of dough included. Because of the intense emotions that go along with these tournaments of gameplay like League of Legends and DotA, eSports attracts numerous viewers.

Before shaping our prognosis for the eSports upcoming, some questions have to be answered: Will eSports not before long prevail in the homes worldwide and kick games such as football off from their aspired places? Will well-known sports betting sites present eSports as a legal gambling possibility? The future will give the right answers!

Altogether, the online casino industry experience a stirring period of expanding and changing. What we can do is to belt in and have fun, while riding through the technology revolution that will reshape the looks of this industry for good.

Edward Griffin


Edward Griffin

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