What are the challenges to play casino games via your smartwatch?

What are the challenges to play casino games via your smartwatch?

The online casino industry has expanded rapidly using the great advancements in technology and the super innovations. From an ordinary gameplay on desktop computers the industry has evolved to mobile and desktop casinos.


Nowadays you can see many people playing casino games on smartphones as well as on the latest tech gadgets such as smartwatches.


The online casino industry has taken advantage of this technological innovation and now players can access a wide range of top-rated online casinos directly from their smartwatches and play on the go. The selection of games available on smartwatches is still small but, from the other hand, all games you can play on your Apple or Android watch run smoothly and without any glitch.


Smartwatch Online Casinos

You can read about some benefits to smartwatch gambling that can make you start playing real money games via your smartwatch instead on a portable device:

  • Without advertisements

Because of the fact that when playing on a smartwatch the screen space is limited you can't see there unnecessary advertisements and clutter. Casinos accept the idea that all the space available has to be dedicated solely to the casino games. Thus you can enjoy an uncluttered interface without distractions, tricks or adds on the screen. Only the game you are playing!

  • Multi-tasking is possible

Having your smartwatch securely strapped to your wrist and your hands being free, you can do more than one thing simultaneously. You are not bound to just doing one task, as while playing on the desktop sitting in front of your computer. For example, you can be holding bags with groceries and take a few spins on your favourite video slot. Additionally to this you can take advantage of the autoplay spins feature offered by most slots. While the game runs you can continue with your work or other activities and possibly hit an amazing jackpot win at the same time.

  • It is portable and completely secure

While playing your favourite casino games using a mobile device or a tablet, you must consider safety measures as they can easily be dropped or taken out from your hands. With a smartwatch strapped safely to your wrist you can play on the go and the device will be completely secure. No fear of it falling or be grabbed.

  • It's discreet

Compared with the other mobile devices playing via your smartwatch does not create a bad impression as it is completely discreet. For example, it might be very rude or make you look disinterested if you pull out your smartphone in the middle of a conversation, lunch or a meeting. But when you give a few taps on your smartwatch you won't cause any distraction. It might give you the appearance of a professional who has a busy schedule.


It's time to get started

Even it can be a bit daunting to try something totally new, the process of setting up your gameplay needs some simple steps to follow. The very first step is to find a reputable online casino that offers games available on your smartwatch. The next step is to create your account, make your first deposit and then verify your account. Our recommendation is to do all this administration side through your desktop or your mobile as signing up using your smartwatch can be too long, slow and dull.

As this type of gambling is still new, it will be useful to remind that you won't be able to find the full game selection of the considered casino on your smartwatch. Even the range of games compatible with the device is limited for now, you will have the access of a number of exciting video slots and table games using your smartwatch. For example, you can play popular slot games such as Thunderstruck and dark Knight Rises from Microgaming. Some casinos also offer sports betting options.



It is clear that online casino industry is open to use the latest technological innovations to fulfill the needs of its customers. Modern gamblers can play their online casino games vie any type of mobile device. Even new the alternative mobile options such as smartwatch online casinos are used by many players. Playing online casino games via your smartwatch is easy and fun. It can be a lot less distracting for the people around. 

Smartwatch gambling is becoming the new big challenge of the online casino industry in the next few years.

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