Useful tips for making the casino bonus work to your advantage

Useful tips for making the casino bonus work to your advantage

Modern technological progress has influenced all branches of global economy. The world of online casino gambling has expanded massively. For millions all over the globe this is a preferred source of entertainment. By using their desktop, tablet or mobile devices people can play their favourite casino games from everywhere and at any time. Users can get an instant access to the best video slots, card and table games, live casino games and sports betting options.

Every day new casinos appear on the market scene. In the competition for more players online casinos provide a range of exciting offers. These are attractive bonuses and promotions usually starting with welcome offer. They can give you a little extra to play with or even boost your bankroll.


Each bonus or promotion offered by a casino comes with its own set of terms and conditions. To avoid any trouble or unhappiness it is important to read and understand these T&Cs first.


The next explanations can be helpful to get basic understanding of bonus terms and conditions and might be even used to your advantage:


Terms and Conditions Key Factors:


*Minimum deposits

According to the T&Cs of any casino bonus or promotion there is a minimum deposit amount required to claim the bonus. This is an important key factor and if the deposit has not been made you won't be eligible for the bonus.


*No deposit

As an incentive to attract new customers many casinos offer no deposit bonuses and free spins. It is important to note that while these offers are free from deposit requirements they have their own set of T&Cs. You might be required to add a valid credit or debit card to your casino account. Very often you will have to wager your wins a certain number of times before making any withdrawals.


*Selected payment methods

Before signing up and deciding to claim a bonus check the payment methods admitted by the terms and conditions of the considered bonus or promotion offer. Very often casinos make welcome offers with excluded payment methods and the bonus can be claimed via a selected number of payment methods.


*Bonus codes

To claim a bonus you will be usually required to make a deposit. But sometimes before making the deposit you will have to complete certain actions such as using a bonus code to trigger the considered bonus. This bonus code will be provided in the terms and conditions. That's why it's important to read through the T&Cs and check if a bonus code is or is not being required. You should follow the proper instruction or you risk to lose your bonus. 


*Different types of bonuses

The bonus promotions and rewards provided by casinos are from many different types, each with specified conditions and requirements.


*Cashable bonuses

Cashable bonuses are the most common among players. The requirements for claiming a cashable bonus is to make a deposit. You will also need to complete the wagering requirements for redeeming the bonus funds for cash.


*Non-cashable bonuses

In general the non-cashable bonuses present some sort of win-lose situation. The first type of non-cashable bonus will be removed whenever you decide to withdraw your winnings. With the second type you will be allowed to keep your bonus after you withdraw your winning but the bonus funds have got an expiry date.


*Free spins

Giving out free spins as bonus and promotional offer is very popular with online slots. This is a straightforward offer where a deposit has to be made to claim a specific number of spins. These free spins can most of the time be played on a specific game or on a selected number of games. In general, wins from the free spins are converted to bonus funds. Only after meeting some wagering requirements these bonus funds can be converted into cash.


*Wagering requirements

Nearly every online bonus promotion and offer comes with a set of wagering requirements. Even they might seem to be a pain for the users, the wagering requirements are put in place to keep online casinos running. Additionally to this they help prevent money laundering schemes from taking place in online casinos. Different casinos have their own wagering requirements. You can see online casinos with wagering requirements on all bonuses and promotional offers. There are online casinos with wagering requirements only on selected offers such as free spins promotions. The best thing for avoiding unhappy gaming experience is to do proper research first and find a casino with reasonable wagering requirements. 


*Game weightings

In general all games available at an online casino come with weightings to contribute to the wagering requirements. But these weightings are not the same. For example, Video slots will have a 100% game weightings. Classic slots come with a 75%  game weightings. Roulette games contribute with 50% and card and table games with 10%.


*Pay-out limitations

When a player sees a big and glamorous welcome bonus package in an online casino he may admit it as a big payday. But the reality is that each of these offers come with withdrawal restrictions. They will be minimum and maximum withdrawals. Before you make a deposit to claim an offer you should check the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts the casino has set for the considered bonus promotion. It will be given in the terms related to the bonus.


How to make the bonus terms work for your advantage?

No matter how attractive or great a bonus or promotional offer might seem at first, it always comes with terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled. Before opting in or claiming the bonus, the best thing that must be done is to read these terms and conditions first.

Check the amount you need to deposit, what the wagering requirements are, what type bonus this is (cashable or non-cashable one) and what the game weightings are to be met.   

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