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Some specific features of the gamification based online casinos

Some specific features of the gamification based online casinos

Many people across the world tend to spend most of their free time playing casino games. Instead of loosing time and money for visiting land based casinos most gamblers enjoy the activity from the comfort of their own home.

With the increasing number of online casinos operators implement different conceptions to attract more and more players by providing them with better entertainment.


Nowadays in many online casinos players have the chance to enjoy the entertainment before they have even opened any of the available games.


Gamification based online casinos provide players with a unique gambling experience.

You can read about some of top gameplay features that set gamification based online casinos apart from the others. 


Specific Gameplay elements

Seven types of gamification are found in online casinos: Level-Up Progress bar, Experience Points, Leaderboards, Avatar Creation, Shops and in-game currency, Map Completion and Player vs Player Function.

The Level-Up progress bar is the most common feature that can be found in most casinos. More you play at the casino, more experience points you get and fill the bar with. You will level up each time the progress bar is full. As a result you will receive different extra rewards. For example, free spins, bonus money or cash prizes.

The system of Experience points is quite similar to the progress bar. Other players can see the number of the experience points you have managed to collect as it is in the progress bar. The only difference comes from the fact that players get rewarded when reaching certain milestones. 

Among all these features the real player favourite one is the Leaderboards. The goal it provides players is completely clear. Once you manage to make it you will see your name in the Number 1 spot. Additionally to this you will get extra rewards.

Online casinos like Highroller casino reward their customers by offering the Avatar Creation feature. You can personalize your gambling experience by creating a virtual character similar to you in a fun way.

Some other casinos reward their players with in-game currency. For example, Ikibu Casino rewards players with Seeds. Casino Heroes rewards players with rubies. At the casino shop these in-game currencies can be traded for special bonuses, cash bonuses or even status boosts.

The Map Completion feature is usually offered by casinos like Casino Heroes and Highroller Casino. Trying to get more rewards you will need to explore a virtual city or world. You will be given the chance to enjoy a journey where new areas and locations can be unlocked through your in-game progression. By playing the casino games or completing certain missions you can make the progress and get rewarded.

By now the most popular gameplay feature is the Player vs Player function. It give the right to the player to play with other gamblers across the globe from the comfort of their own home. These could be friends or even strangers and you can race with them to make your way to the top for extra rewards.

Look for a gamification casino for the unique chance to explore better entertainment, get new gambling experience and be additionally rewarded.

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