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The popular Guts Casino celebrates its 5th birthday

The popular Guts Casino celebrates its 5th birthday

Birthdays are among the most special days during the year. And when this is the birthday of a famous online casino, it comes with big celebrations and massive rewards.


For their fifth anniversary Guts Casino are going to reward their customers with fantastic presents


Celebrate and win at Guts Casino

There will be massive celebrations for the fifth birthday of this online casino. They are going to continue until 22th July 2018. During this period of celebration players will have the opportunity to play, have fun and cash in on some amazing prizes: iPads, iPhones and cash prizes. Actually the luckiest winner will be rewarded with a Cash Prize of €100k!

What is necessary to be done?

-Check the dates of the Guts 5th Anniversary Raffle promotion;

-During the qualifying period play €1 on any of their attractive games and you will get a weekly ticket;

-You should play €100 in one week to increase your chances to win. You will get 10 weekly tickets.

Your chances to become the one to receive the €100k cash prize will increase with the number of tickets you get in the raffle. Maximum 10 tickets per week can be scored, so for the qualifying period maximum 90 tickets can be collected. During the qualifying period each week starts from midnight on Monday to midnight on Sunday.

The Way it Works

On 23rd July, 2018, before the the main draw there will be a pre-draw. 5,000 tickets will be drawn for the main raffle draw.

On 25th July, 2018 will happen the main raffle draw. It will be live at the Guts Exclusive Live Roulette table at 18:00 CEST.


-The main prize - €/$100,000

-iPhone 8 (64GB)

-iPad WFI (32GB)

The information of the winners will be done by e-mail. The cash prize will be transferred on the bank account of the winner within 72 hours after the draw. All winners will have to be reachable within 72 hours after the draw if not they will lose their prize.

There is no time to be wasted – there is €/$100,000 in cash waiting to be awarded to one lucky winner! 

Not a Member yet?

If the online casino Guts is still new for you, get started today by registering your free online casino account.

Then you can claim your welcome bonus. After your first four deposits at Guts Casino you will be awarded with a welcome bonus package. It will be up to €300 in welcome bonuses as well as 100 free spins.

Immediately after claiming your welcome bonuses you can start your marathon and collect raffle tickets into the enormous birthday cash prize draw.

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