Popular Gambling Superstitions from different parts of the world

Popular Gambling Superstitions from different parts of the world

Online gambling is a form of entertainment for millions all over the world. Some enjoy playing casino games for fun others take part in online gambling with the great hope to win big. Some days are lucky and other days are not.

Does everything really depend on luck? Are you also superstitious and look for certain signs and symbols before making your bets?


Superstition takes an important place in the lives of each of us, though many people do not recognize it


Here is a list with the most popular gambling superstitions from different parts of the world:

To knock on wood is one of the most common practices to avoid bad luck or some other terrible fate.

Many gamblers avoid counting their money while playing casino games. “Never count your money at the table” is a so popular superstition among the card players that there is a popular country song about it as well. Gamblers believe it is bad luck.

Many people believe in Lucky and Unlucky Numbers. For example, it is considered that 7 is a lucky number and it is also known to symbolize prosperity. It has a special connotation when it comes to online slots and certain versions of blackjack. And 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. And it is not only gamblers who believe in this but everyone else. People usually don't do anything important on Friday the 13th.. .When playing roulette many players are careful with the number of 13. Some believe that this number brings bad luck but other, completely opposite, try to tempt the fate and consider 13 to be a lucky number.

Speaking about lucky and unlucky colours, for people living in Asia red is considered to be a lucky colour. Chinese people believe that red is the colour of prosperity and good luck in general. Many gamblers try to wear some red clothing when they visit casinos and this is to increase their winning chances.

Another common superstition is “To Look or Not to Look”. Looking away or leaving the table while gambling is considered to bring you big win or just good luck. Actually it is not only the case when gambling but people believe that when they take part in competitions and don't look at the results will help them become the winner.

The superstition of “The Itchy Hand” is popular for the countries in Eastern Europe, such as  Bulgaria and Serbia. People from these regions believe that if your right palm is itching it is a sign of bad luck. So that if you gamble and your right hand is itching you might be losing money. But if your left hand is itchy, don't hesitate to gamble as it is a sign of good luck and you could soon receive some money.

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