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The Online Slot Technology during the ages

The Online Slot Technology during the ages

The history of online slot machines is quite long and dates back to the 1800s. The creator of the first slot machine was Charles Fey who worked as a car mechanic. In 1895 he made a very simple slot machine and called it Liberty Bell. The game had card symbols and a cracked Liberty Bell as the main drive. For landing 3 bells players could be rewarded with the massive amount of 50 cents or 10 nickels. 


Looking to find new ways to entertain players online slot industry has used all the technology advancements and innovations


The popularity of Liberty Bells made possible the appearance of other slot machines across the United States. Video poker machines, modern slot machines and soon after that online slot machines popped up on the market. 


The First Online Slots

The first online slot machines were simple 3 row versions of the modern online slots. They used basic themes, colours and betting systems.
At the beginning limited game libraries popped on to the market scene. But with time software providers worked hard to create new attractive games and the number of the games in these libraries grew. Modern games are exciting and fully rewarding. They capture players' hearts and keep their pockets full.


Rise of Technology 

At the beginning when internet was not very well developed. But with the technology that grew and internet which evolved and became popular. Now we rely on internet every single minute for any branch of the national economy. 
With the internet evolution the online casino world has stayed a step ahead and fun never stops at online casinos all around the globe.  

The growth in the online casino world can be seen in the next four areas:

  • Fun on the Go – As we all know, modern mobile devices have become common for millions all around the world. Mobile phones are used not just to keep in contact with our friends and member of the family. They are also the perfect mobile device to play our favourite casino games from anywhere at any time. The new casino games recently created by casino software providers are fully equipped to be enjoyed by the consumers on the go. 
  • VR and AR – The technology innovations VR and AR allow players to softly step in their favourite casino games. For now technology is not widely available to all. Still not many enjoy it, for more users who enjoy playing on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, this sounds like a fantastic idea possible in the near future. 
  • Gamification features – It is rather tricky to add features that change the way to play casino games. Some features can supply a new level of competitiveness, others make players explore something challenging and completely new. There are also features that can add new ways to bet. For example, this could be by unlocking special gameplay opportunities, which may be really enjoyable.
  • A Fun Game Palette – It's true that the online video slots are extremely popular among the players. At the same time there are players who prefer to explore something new with the option to play, have fun and place bet to win big. Software developers work hard to meet all the demands of the consumers. The game Castle Builders 2 developed by Microgaming is an example of the new wave of fun arcade games offering an exclusive game experience.

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