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A New Lottery Millionnaire in Fort McMurray

A New Lottery Millionnaire in Fort McMurray

Most of the news we read or listen on public media devices are bad news. It's a common say that any bad news is good news for them. But now get ready to read about something really good that happened to a resident of a small town in Alberta, Fort McMurray. It will surprise you and make you believe in good karma once more.

After a lottery win a Fort McMurray resident went from zero to one million.

A devastating fire nearly destroyed the little Canadian town Fort McMurray in 2016. The whole community had to leave the small oil town. The fire was called “The Beast” as it was the costliest insured natural disaster in modern history of Canada.


The figures show that the insurance costs erected to C$3.6bn


The losses from the fire were only material, fortunately no human being died in the fire.

Many of the residents lost everything in the fire and now, 2 years later, they still haven't fully recovered. Little by little the town has been rebuilt.

Sharing the same bad experience the residents in Fort McMurray feel united. But for one resident life has recently changed for better by buying a single lottery ticket.


Things happen on the right time

Bill Pendergast, 50-year old resident of Fort McMurray survived from the fire, but lost all his property in the disaster. Nearly two years later he was visited by Lady Luck. Good things usually take time.

In late January, 2018 Pendergast went to Newfoundland to visit his father. He decided to buy a cold 7 Up drink from a petrol station. While he was there he decided to also purchase a 6/49 ticket. At this moment all his destiny changed.

It was Sunday, 4th Feb. 2018 when Pendergast went to the petrol station to check his ticket and in return they announced that he was the jackpot winner! One single ticket has entirely changed his life! After losing everything now he won C$1,000,000. And the good luck in his life took 2 years.

It was quite difficult for Mr. Pendergast to believe that all this happened to him. But now he has already organized a plan – he is going to book a trip for his family to go somewhere warm until they have their home rebuilt and completely furnished.

And for him he plans to buy a Mustang as he has dreamed to have a Mustang for ages.

Dreams can't be a goal, but a direction for action. Until you don't start playing you can't know how lucky you could be!

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