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The most interesting facts about online casino slots

The most interesting facts about online casino slots

Many doors have been opened for the online casino industry thanks to modern advancements and improvements in technology. Online casinos offer variable games ready to meet the taste and interest of each player. But their online slot selection remains the cherry of the cake. These games come with different themes, shapes and forms, bonus features and jackpot-payouts.


Online slots are currently being released with bigger and better features but behind the glamorous visuals they remain simple to play and filled with adventure.  


Online slots are not just fun, they can produce thousands of ways to win from a single spin. They also can hide a rich history and exciting facts. 


Back in time

It was in 1895 when a car mechanic called Charles Fey invented the first mechanical slot. This slot machine was known as the Liberty Bell and contained 3 spinning reels, plus spades, hearts and diamonds. It can be still seen in the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Reno. The Liberty Bell and the suits of poker are the original five symbols on slot games. Actually these classic symbols can be still found in the latest slot releases.

The first electronic slot machine was created in 1963. The first video slot was invented 13 years later, in 1976. This video slot machine was created on a 19-inch colour screen and Sony logic board. For the first time it was installed in Las Vegas Hilton and very soon became incredibly famous.


The world is spinning through money

The online slot machines are the main source of industry profits. They generate the biggest part of income for online casino operators. It is a myth that if a jackpot has been hit on a slot game it will stay 'cold' for a quite long period of time. In fact a jackpot on one slot machine can be hit twice within a certain period of time. From one hand, slot machines can supply a huge percentage of the casino revenue, but at the same time, the percentage these amazing games can pay-out often goes from 85 to 95%. Actually, the RNG (Random Number Generator) of the game provides the fair outcome of slot spins to the house and the player.


Safe and secure gameplay

Modern video slot machines are created with a software that is suitable to be run on all devices. Players can enjoy playing online slots on all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The gameplay provides high quality and immersive gaming experience. All the activity is safe and secure due to strict security systems provided by the software developers. Your money will be protected while playing your favourite slot games on your mobile phone. If any suspicious activity occurs a security support will be offered.

In general there are no special techniques or strategy for the successful hitting of the spin button. Additionally to this no special moves or easy ways will affect the pay-out of the slot. Always keep in mind that RNG will ultimately determine the win or loss of a slot spin.


With a clear view of the future

The way they have evolved, online slots have proven to be, are and will be preferred by a huge portion of casino players. These games appear to be truly fascinating and they have wonderfully developed their themes, bonus features and winning possibilities. By keeping the traditions and good practices from the rich history, slot developers create spectacular new games implementing all the technology progress. The modern video slots are solidly based on the first classic and fruit original slot games. They all carry a little bit of the past and add some modern technology advancement. The amazing thing is that there is still so much room for growth in the world of online slot machines. 

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