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Many Community Projects are granted by Unclaimed Gambling Winnings

Many Community Projects are granted by Unclaimed Gambling Winnings

Online casino gambling has become one of the most popular form of entertainment all around the world. Many players start the adventure just for fun with the range of quality games available, others enjoy the winnings they can get from the activity. Shortly said there’s never a dull moment when taking part in online gambling.


Many of you are wondering what's happening with the gambling winnings that stay unclaimed by players each year


In general this has been regulated in many countries by state laws. The common requirement is that it should be beneficial for the community.

Some Interesting Granted Projects in New South Wales

During the two years from 2014 to 2016 as many as 52 projects were granted by the Community Development Fund and about $3.34 million were used for this beneficial activity. Most of these were local community projects including new school facilities. There were also grants given to upgrade war memorials all over regional NSW.

It sounded like a shock the interesting and strange news that the NSW government has decided to fund a popular movie stars film with the mega amount of $850,000. This decision has made Jackie Chan blockbuster film Bleeding Steel one of the biggest beneficiaries. The film is a science fiction thriller. It tells the story of a hero battling an evil villain on top of the sails of the Sydney Opera House, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia.

The film was granted from the Community Development Fund. The Office of Responsible Gambling agreed to give the money from the poker jackpot prizes and machine tickets that have gone unclaimed. They explained their decision with the fact that the film could increase tourism benefits within the country especially for visitors from Asia. So the film would be beneficial economically both short term and long term. During the filming process which took place from May to September 2016 over 1100 staff, crew, cast and extras were employed.

Even they say that Jackie Chan movie has had the largest grant given for a single project, this was completely legal under the Gaming Machines Act 2001. This act explains that money can be spent only for community benefits. The film can be admitted like a community project too and the funding choice can be taken as an appropriate one.  

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