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How to tip Casinos with live dealers

How to tip Casinos with live dealers

We believe in having good understanding of the terms and just because of that, our decision was to google the “tip” word and find out what the Master thinks of it. And below is our finding:


“Tip”: give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services


No need to saw that the industry we are in has a very good understanding of tips too. Especially live dealers who will take the tip with no regrets at all. In fact, the tips appear to be quite a portion from their regular income, so they will much appreciate your good will to share some of your winnings. Moreover, tips (at least how we know them) are no more than an appreciation to someone’s efforts to serve our own wish the best way they can. Actually it does not matter if you tip a waitress, a bartender or a live casino dealer – it makes the same and will not be refused.

Tipping a live dealer can be done both in land based and while playing in online casinos, which have the option of live dealers. How much you will pay them as a tip will show your satisfaction of their fast speed actions, quality of service, as well as the overall spirit they will be able to transfer to you. The more excited you are and the higher the adrenaline levels are, the better tip a online casino live dealer will get.

Being a great waiter is a master in the profession, so it is with the live dealers too. One should have it inside and shall carry the talent along with a lot of trainings, expertise and experience, of course. You may call it a bit exaggerated, but we really believe that, when made the proper way, a live dealer job is a piece of art. Along with the magical atmosphere that they have to create on the table and make you enjoy to the most your casino experience, they also have to be very careful and put a lot of attention to some common day-to-day activities, such as making change, paying out the big money to the winners, as well as to collect some cash in cases of losses.

Although there are some very rare cases of casinos where tips are not allowed, in most of those that you will play tipping is not only permitted but also quite welcome. Below we are going to help you get familiar with the best practices and ways to tip dealers in both land based and online casinos.

Here are the 3 “How” for you to enjoy reading…


How it all started…

Tipping in general is an action that may have various understandings and can be perceived differently depending on each society's’ culture. For example, in the UK casinos, tipping was forbidden up to 2005, while in the US it was something common or even expected for years now.

As a professional player you shall very well know that for casino staff in general (not only dealers but waiters, bartenders, concierges, valets, extra) tipping makes almost 50% of their entire income. In regards to this, online casino dealers are much more overbilled in comparison with land based dealers. This is just because it is much easier to neglect a person when not in front of you, rather than to miss a tip when the one serving you stands just a meter away from you.

No matter what casino you have chosen to spend your free time to, you shall be familiar with the tipping policy before you go ahead and express your gratefulness. As we have already said before, some casinos still do not allow any tips at all, while other may have specific limits which you shall respect when tipping the stuff.


How to do it…

It is not only you – do not worry. Many players feel quite confused on when and how to provide a tip. One of the most common ways to give a tip to a casino dealer is either when you decide to leave the table or when he/she has to change because of his/her shift is over. In this case the tip will be a one-time-event and is the most preferred way to say “thank you” to the one serving you.

Another tip which also may be called “expected” is when you win big. Having the jackpot just won will make you want to share with the person on the other side of the table. Moreover, this “big win tip” may also be applicable for slots or roulette games.

Although we compared the casino staff with other professions (like waitresses, bartenders, and extra) to what comes to the tips, here is a big difference on how to give the tip. It is not accepted to give cash to the dealer while playing on the table or when leaving it. You are supposed to choose between two commonly used forms of tipping:

  • Chip – in this case you shall give a chip to the dealer equal to the amount that you have decided but no actual money. Afterwards it is upon dealer’s own decision whether to take cash for the chip or to gamble with it.
  • Side bet – in this case you decide to place a certain bet and previously agree with the dealer that in case it is a winning one, he or she will collect the win. NOTE: some casinos do not allow side bets, so in this case the only option you have is a chip tip.


How much…

That is the big question which everybody is quite uncertain about the answer. We are always questioning ourselves what shall be the amount that we may tip the waiter or the errand-boy so that it is both not too small to humiliate them but also not too big to make wrong impressions and future expectations. As with the restaurant bills here we also highly recommend you to use your bet as a starting point of calculation. So, the more you bet and play, the more you tip. And the more you win, the more you share with your dealer. You shall keep in mind that dealers are used to tips and well prepared that the chip you will give them will be of a lower value, if your bets are close to the minimum $5.

Still, if you are a person that quite much relies on %, then you may start with a tip of 0.5% or 1% out of your bet. Based on your mood, winnings and satisfaction, you can always increase this % up to the level you feel comfortable and you can certainly afford.

And last but not least, have a look around and you will get a perfect feeling of what others are doing. This way you will estimate where your tips are compared to those the others provide to your dealer.

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