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How Malta can become even more casino friendly

How Malta can become even more casino friendly

A culture of sunshine, relaxation and of course, casinos – this is the island-country of Malta. This is the perfect hosting place for both land-based and online casinos.


Malta has become one of the most “casino-friendly”countries in the world thanks to the Malta Gaming Authority regulations


Providing low tax rates and being a country-member of the EU, Malta Gaming Authority has created Malta a piece of paradise for casino operators. Operating under the MGA means that you can have customers from all countries-members of the EU. Casino business in Malta works to make the country even more casino friendly using the following methods:


New Gambling Act

MGA has called for Malta to amend the local legislation regarding casinos. The current laws call for each operator to possess a different license for each branch of the same business. Actually, there are some casinos with the unbelievable number of 13 licenses for authorization to run each section of one single casino. The suggestions given by MGA are to amend the law to only 2 licenses: The first for companies working on the basis of business-to-consumer and the second licenses to refer business-to-business companies. These changes will decrease the difficulties many companies meet when they apply to start the business.

The new Gambling Act will also release Business-to-business companies from paying taxes.


Enforcing the rules in a stricter way

Many of the larger companies found in Malta are popular, such as Rational Group: NetEnt, PokerStars and others. But at the same time there are smaller companies with history that nobody knows. They have been singled out as being a problem on the market. MGA has been recently accused – they should monitor the licenses much more strictly. This change would definitely make Malta a friendlier place for casino clients.


Bitcoin in casinos

Joseph Cuschiery – an executive chairman of MGA in an interview revealed that plans for the legal use of Bitcoin in casinos has moved ahead. 

MGA is working to make these currency completely legal for use at their online casinos. With real market value and a growing base of users Bitcoin is going to become a reality very soon.

As an innovation it needs time for analysis and assessment of the risks in the gaming sector. As soon as the results of the research are evaluated, the MGA will announce its position on the way Bitcoin currency will be adopted.    

What an interesting future has Malta as one of the most casino-friendly countries all over the world!

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