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How to know which casinos are safe and secure?

How to know which casinos are safe and secure?

Over the past few years the online casino industry has developed with rapid pace. New casinos are coming to market daily. With the vast selection of games to choose from players have also to know how to spot which casino is safe and secure and which online casinos you should avoid.    


Here are some recommendations on how to find a safe and secure online casino in the huge sea of online casinos.


Difference between Safe Casinos and Scam Sites

As a form of entertainment playing online casino games can bring a lot of fun. Contrary to that, it can be really devastating when playing at scam sites.

Here is a quick guide how to know which casinos are safe and which casinos might be scam and  it's better to avoid.

Unlicensed Casinos are completely unsafe and should be avoided. They:

  • don’t offer responsible gambling tools;
  • hardly ever verify your player ID;
  • have no procedures in place to prevent fraud or money laundering;
  • have no procedures in place for complaints;
  • are often based offshore to stay out of reach of the law.  


For safe and secure gambling experience play at licensed casinos. They:

  • will do everything according to the local legislation;
  • have responsible gambling tools including loss limits, time limits and freezing your account.


These tools will help players manage the gameplay when the gaming becomes too much and from developing gambling problems:

  • have a player verification - before making any deposits or withdrawals in your account or playing any games you will be asked to verify your player ID.
  • have the necessary tools for data and money protection. In general these prevent fraud and money laundering, as well as players' transactions and player data.
  • have complaints procedure. They are usually partners with an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body which makes the process of handling complaints easier and fairer.
  • advertise their activity following the guidelines set by ASA (The Advertising Standards Authority).
  • are reputable and safe because they can have their license revoked and be subject to legal action at any time they break the rules.

Most secure sites are licensed. They follow the laws and regulations very strictly which protects both their customers and the casino at all times.

Always choose a reputable and secure casino. Play responsibly to keep the fun and win big!

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