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Golden hour in the Mansion Casino - take your ultimate free chips while playing

Golden hour in the Mansion Casino - take your ultimate free chips while playing

You can never be bored on weekends if you are a true online casino player – there are so many things to enjoy that you may even be short of time. And just not to waste any more your precious time, let us introduce you to one of your unique opportunities this weekend – the Mansion Casino.


Happy Hour aka Golden Hour Promotion will entertain you to the most and will leave you speechless because of the excitement.


Golden Hour – The starting point

Nothing rhymes better with weekend rather than relaxing, joy and comfort. And of course doing the things you love such as playing some of your most favorite online casino games.

Every weekend starting from 20:00 to 23:59 GMT (Saturdays and Sundays), the Mansion casino promises to offer you a bit more if you would enjoy something way too classic and honestly speaking also very classy. Roulette is the game that for centuries now remains one of the most wanted and now promises to pay you back the loyalty.

What shall that mean…? It means that you just need to try your luck on any of the Roulette games the amount of £/€/$50 in total during the Golden Hour and you will be generously rewarded with 5 Golden Chips. You can use them to play even longer on the game and increase your chances for the big win. But the best part is yet to come – no need to fulfill any requirements – you win it means you keep it.

The same moment you fulfill the needed betting requirement on one of the games, eligible for the Golden Hour bonus, you will then receive the Chip in your credit. The value of each of them is £/€/$1, which you can use only one per round in the game.

The Golden Chips will be ready to be used in your account for the next 7 days following the day they have been credited to you. Please note that if you do not use them on time, they will expire and you will lose your chances to enjoy some free bets. The games eligible to use those Golden Chips are AOG Roulette Live, Roulette Live, Premium Blackjack and European Roulette RNG.

Still not a member?

If you are still not familiar with the Mansion Casino, let us give you some heads-up. Established in the year of 2004, the casino aims to give something more to each of its members. Well known with the frequency of introducing new tendencies in the industry, Mansion Casino is one of the most preferred online gambling destinations. In order to be reliable for the players, the casino is regulated and fully licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. The UKGC is also monitoring it, so you can safely enjoy the most of it. The variety of games, the unlimited rewards and professional services will definitely make Mansion Casino one of your favorite destinations just from the first couple of bets. Be sure that “walking in” you will receive exactly the experience you are expecting to.

Do not regret if you are still not a member of the Mansion Casino – it is never too late to create your brand new free account in just a few clicks. But make sure that you do it before the Golden Hour so that you guarantee for yourself the chance to be rewarded with some free Golden Chips.

And just because “every beginning is a hard star”, once you activate your new account, you will be delighted with a superb welcome bonus package to claim. With no exceptions, all newcomers are eligible to a colossal bonus of up to £/€/$500 just to be welcomed in the casino. And to make things even better, the 1st bet you place will also receive a 100% return as a bonus to up to £/€/$200. That is great, right? But do you know what is even greater than all this – the fact that for the entire first week of your gameplay in the casino, you will be receiving a 10% cashback.

So no need to hesitate any more – just create your account and get ready for the most wanted promotion – the Golden Hour. Do not forget also for the exceptional other treats and payoffs you can get as a member on the roulette table of the Mansion Casino.

Sign in now at the Mansion Casino and be part of the Roulette tournaments during the Golden Hours every weekend.

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