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First Big Win of 2018 at Casumo Casino!

First Big Win of 2018 at Casumo Casino!

The first big winner for 2018 at Casumo Casino managed to land €214k jackpot! The well known Hall of Gods casino game is the name of the lucky slot which brought the good luck to the happy punter.

The online casino player took home his wallet full of cash winnings. He is happy and excited too with his massive reward. He has always dreamed about such an event and he is ready with his plans about what to do with such a big amount of cash in the bank.


If you play regularly at Casumo Casino your daydreams can turn into reality


This is was the first big win of the New 2018

It is only the middle of February and there has been already such a big win. Until the end of the year there will be many more. And you should not be surprised as Casumo Casino offers its customers fantastic promotions, awesome bonuses and extraordinary tournaments. Any player who visits this casino is given the unique chance to win magnificent prizes!

The lucky punter from Germany visited Casumo Casino in December 2017. This top online casino became his favourite one for some period of time. According to his comments this is the best online casino. He appreciates the level system as superb. The selection of casino games is awesome, especially if you prefer online slots!

The lucky casino player liked the popular Book of Dead online slot, but he decided to mix it up and give Hall of Gods a shot. He watched a clip on a YouTube video of Hall of Gods. Hall of Gods is a progressive online slot. This means that the jackpot grows with every bet placed by punters from around the world. When he struck the jackpot and won the money he just said to himself that it couldn't be true. But it was TRUE!

The German punter played a bet of €1,20 on the Hall of Gods slot and his daydreams turned into reality by winning the unbelievable amount of €214,717 jackpot!


Big plans for the big wins

The lucky winner preferred to keep his name and luck in a secret and not to shout it from rooftops. First he is planning to organize some celebration, and then buy a new car. He is also planning to make a trip to Asia, as he has been dreaming about this for quite a long time.

A big win such as this one is the perfect result from your play at Casumo Casino. It can change your life for better for many years ahead.

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