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The evolution of eSports all over the world is more than impressive

The evolution of eSports all over the world is more than impressive

Nowadays the term “eSport” is mentioned more and more often in different circles of online gaming market.

Usually the first images that appear are about sports which are played on field: football, hockey, tennis. But actually these can be different sorts of sport. Each year thousands of computer gamers have the big expectancies to get a tiny part from the enormous eSports prize pool containing millions of dollars. The reality is that the competition is very tough and the prizes are mind-blowing. And all these gamers are not playing for fun at all.


eSport as a serious business

During the world tournaments most gamers play for their favourite sport, but there are others who use different events and play different games. The games of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area) such as League of Legends or Dota 2 are preferred by millions. Other popular games are Call of Duty and CS:GO.

The largest eSports tournaments usually take place in Asia and North America every year. The enormous cash prizes that are simply waiting to be claimed by the best teams make the world popularity of these games so big.


For online casino games good luck is the most important factor for big wins, but eSports need good training, teamwork and plenty of skills.


In general teams are created, trained for many hours to play together and to get ready for these events. Only the best ones can stay on this competitive market. And the millions of dollars in the sporting prizes pools is the exciting reason for all these efforts. Both watch and play eSports is a worldwide industry. There is something for all players and spectators to enjoy it.


The eSports evolution

At first eSports were noticed as a nish in the gaming market. Then this became a world phenomenon.

Sponsorship and investments in the top eSports teams followed.

Then sports betting was added in the iGaming industry. Regularly at top-rated online casinos such as bet365 there is sports betting on popular tournaments.

If you are ready to meet the challenge try to discover the thrill and excitement that online gaming can provide to every adventurous person.

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