Choosing the best Roulette Online Casino for you

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Choosing the best Roulette Online Casino for you

Being a starter in online casino games we recommend you to begin with roulette. It is nice, easy and simple with regard to the rules – just choose a number, row and color and let’s hope the luck will be on your side.

Roulette or at least a form of roulette is common for most of the online casinos and sometimes it can be a challenge to choose the right one for you.

Take the above remarks into consideration before making up your mind. Most of the online casinos have a free version, so better try it before your final decision is made.


Live Roulette

In case you are eager to dive in playing roulette in the real world of live casino, online roulette playing is the best way to get well trained.

Live video link gets you connected with other players and the dealer, thus you can interact socially with other people while playing live online roulette.

American, European or French version

Roulette tables have three versions and apart from this you can choose which form of the game you like to play – American or European.

In principle, the two forms of roulette are much alike, though there are some minor rules variations which can affect your choice. One of the distinctions, for example, is that the European version gives higher credit to the players as have only a single zero, which squeezes the house edge from 5.3% to 2.7%. So, even being just a slight rule deviation, it can work for you.

French roulette is the last verson of the game. It is almost identical to the European roulette with the exception of the table layout, which is a bit different and the extra bets you can make on the racetrack area, that includes different groups of numbers.

Mobile Roulette

Mobile versions or app are available for you to play the roulette version you love best when you are on the move. Some casinos provide this option too, however this service is not available at every casino. If you want to be connected to your favorite game while on the go, you have to check for a mobile option and if it is compatible with your device.


Betting Limits

Every casino has its own betting limits, so it is crucial to check the limits of the particular casino you want to play at before engaging in a game.

Make sure you can afford the limits of the table you choose, thus avoiding betting sums that can push your own financial limits or are too low for your normal betting.


Flash vs Download

Online casino playing can be done both ways – either using a Flash Player to play at the casino or downloading a specific software on your PC.

Downloading the casino’s software gives you some advantages as you play on your main computer and all your game details will be stored for later game playing. Another plus is the graphics quality, which certainly is better, as well as the stable connection.

You have to secure the initial download by checking the requirements for your computer as the download files can be really large. After checking that you can proceed with the installation. 

Despite the above advantages very often the players prefer to use the Flash gaming. Understandably so as this way they can use multiple devices and will avoid jamming their own computers with additional software.

This instant online play option has its drawback that you should consider – every time you want to play and log in your game needs to be loaded.

Playing online requires something very simple, though mandatory for uninterrupted and pleasant casino playing – a stable quality and constant internet connection. Although it is not a matter of downloading immense casino software files, the performance of the games depends on your internet connection quality.

Before starting your casino playing, consider all the options above and make the best choice for yourself.