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Canada can now enjoy NetEnt Games

Canada can now enjoy NetEnt Games

With no concerns we would say that NetEnt are considered to be one of the providers with a huge influence on the gambling market being on the top places as a game developer. In worldwide the online casino players are able to enjoy their products on almost all possible devices.


Canada will finally understand the privilege to have NetEnt on board and taste the feeling of supreme game quality.


Stepping in the Canadian market

Not a long time ago, in fact already this year, an agreement between IGT and NetEnt has been met. BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) will now be provided with an entire portfolio of exclusive games through the IGT Connect Integration layer provider. The technical implementation has already taken place.

Here we shall mention that BCLC is part of WLA (World Lottery Association) and also the organization for state-authorized lotteries around the world.

NetEnts’ perspective

Therese Hillman, the CEO of NetEnt Group, announced that the integration made was a huge milestone to be reached in perspective of the companies’ intense to expand on the North Americas’ market. Stepping in the regulated market, particularly into the WLA portion, is considered a major progress in the entire going forward strategy of the company. Hillman is more than confident in the success of the providers’ games among the BCLC players.

NetEnt insides

NetEnt is well known as one of the top companies in the entertainment industry to supply multiple online casino operators with a huge variety of high quality gaming products. Its’ users can enjoy quite an extensive portfolio of games worldwide.

Being on the market since 1996, NetEnt has well-deserved obtained the place of an innovator among the rest of the developers by offering an extreme gaming experience on a “one of a kind” platform.

The glory of the company has not lost its brilliance over the years thanks to the astonishing solutions they offer, the admirable quality as well as the innovation in all aspects of the games. NetEnt is also very well familiar how to make their customer happy by providing much more than just competitive award winning casino solutions.

Leading new releases in 2018


Not only is the remake of the movie stealing our attention this year – so it is the new NetEnt slot released in June. It has 35 paylines and 5 reels to offer to the slot lovers, apart from the classic design and big wins of 100,800 coins. As always, the game itself is not the only pleasure to be enjoyed by the players – there are also multiple bonuses and 4 base games, all of them to be unlocked at any time. One more thing to amaze you is the board game available as a bonus where you will be asked to throw the dice and collect some free spins, as well as a few multiplayers.

Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror

As the name have already dropped a hint, the slot is not only Snow White themed but will also bring you back to the years of your childhood. It is exactly here where you will be triggered to follow the Beauty in a war against her evil stepmother – the Queen. All that to happen in 243 paylines and 5 reels. Big wins will definitely follow, as well as a lot of bonuses. But what a fairytale will that be if there are no…fairies! Keep an eye for them and in return they will fill your reels with winning symbols. On top of that the re-spins, followed by free spins will make your adrenaline explode to yet unknown levels.

BerryBurst and BerryBurst Max

Max series is definitely this years’ hit for NetEnt. The 1st game – BerryBurst – is already ranked as one of the most favorite among the players. The innovative and brand new platform provides NetEnt with the opportunity to supply the gamblers with one and the same product while they have different bankrolls. You may ask what the difference is and we will immediately answer you. BerryBurst is much preferred by the more conservative part of the gambling society, while the Max version is clearly for those who bet it big to also win it big. Still the bonuses, the amazing graphics and the really “lovely” wins are not something to miss in any of the series.

Do not miss your chance to explore the NetEnt world even today and make your way to the winners’ board.  

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