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August - the month of fortune in Casumo Casino

August - the month of fortune in Casumo Casino

Nothing strange to us – all those new games to try month after month cannot lead to something else than making a huge payoffs for the Casumo players.


Faith loves the brave and so it was during August in Casumo


Having a bad month? Nothing can last forever and so it was in the month of August for the Casumo Casino lovers who have bravely tried their luck on the games. Expectedly or not, they have made the change and wins started popping up all over the place.

Shamelessly have Casumo announced their stats to show how things shall be done and what real winning magic means – go for that….

Let’s make them famous now – Top ten winners on the row

  • €82.972.95 – a sum to envy. The biggest one of the month of August was won on Mega Moolah with a bet of €2.00. 26th of the month have definitely become someone’s favorite day in the year.
  • €4.283.74 – August 3rd and the amazing Power Force Heroes. For those who really know the game: 17.134 x €0.25 (we would say “amazing but still real”)
  • €9.708.48 – just 4 days after on the 7th of August. The game is Holmes and the Stolen Stones where the bet was just €0.60 x 16.180.
  • €15.185.93 – Mega win at Mega Joker, the name of the game speaks for the same. The date was August, the 24th and we would say that is not a bad ending of the summer season…
  • €3.645 – a perfect sum to serve its owner on the ultimate summer holiday date – 10th of August – while enjoying the Immortal Romance game.
  • €812,42 – Captain Ventura brought the lucky spin to someone who dared to play a 8.124 x €0.10 bet while we were swimming in the hot summer waters of August 19th.
  • €717 – 25th of August is the day we get paid but also someone got paid off too thanks to the Vikings Go Berzerk.
  • £1,415.20 – if you play like a king, you win like a king. The game? What else but Kingdom of Fortune – a real royalty spin to make someone’s account a bit more attractive.
  • €6.501 – at the beginning of the month, on the 5th, the Eastern Emeralds have made the “dream come true” move for another lucky gambler and awarded him/her with a good amount of money to enjoy a cocktail or two…
  • €900 – the day is again August 25th – we shall probably rename this date to “Casumo’s date”. The game that brought the winning spin is the Diamond Empire.


The winning games

The stats also show which are the top 3 games to pay off the gamblers the most during the amazing month of August. And so they are:

  • Book of Dead
  • Dead or Alive
  • Knight’s Live


As the name may already have alarmed you, Book of Dead if one of the Ancient Egypt games, introduced by Play`n Go, exploring the hidden treasures of the old times. To make the experience even more attractive, you will have a guide to walk you through the challenges – very similar to the well-known Indiana Jones character.  Accessible via all types of devices, the game was very popular in the month of August and rewarded 48 times its fans.

Next on the row with 38 wins for just a month is the Dead or Alive slot game. Apart from having the opportunity to be a real life west cowboy, you may enjoy multiple bonuses, small wins and free spins while playing the game.

Last but not least is the Knight’s Live where the armors are never too heavy to carry. With 11 wins, the slot makes its place on the Top 3 for the month of August, while the shiny and majestic design can surely lead it to the peak.

No time to lose – go, sign in and became one of the top winners of this month’s stats at Casumo Casino.

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