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5 Miraculous and Free Online Slots for Horror Movie Lovers

5 Miraculous and Free Online Slots for Horror Movie Lovers

If you are among the players who adore watching thrillers and horror films, we can offer online slots to make the chill go up your spine. Scary vampires, aliens and monsters can be perfect for some of you. Our aim is not just to scare you, but to make the smallest hairs on the back of your neck at the slightest noise to stand up. We are sure that these 5 slots will completely satisfy your need for fear. These great slots will keep entertained even the ones who are not keen in horror things. We wish you to be brave enough to spin the reels at these top online slots.

As soon as you click the links given below, you will be able to play the slots featured for free at our Free Slots Section.


Dracula by NetEnt

The Dracula is featured in this slot as the Prince of Darkness. He looks strong and handsome, searching for his true love. There is nothing common between him and a cape-wearing villain with big red eyes. Created with 5 reels and 40 fixed paylines this NetEnt slot is based on the novel by Bram Stroker with the same name.  When the Lord of Vampire meets his true love big bonus features will unfold and free spins will come to life.

Play Dracula for free at


Psycho by NextGen Gaming

Psycho is based on the spine-chilling book by Alfred Hitchcock. There are different forms of adaptation of this story. The recent one is Bates Motel and has become the favorite slot for many online casino players.

This is a story of mystery, murder and mommy issues that happened in an old motel. This NextGen gaming slot was perfectly adapted for a smaller screen of your desktop or mobile. It captures in the best way the madness that lives within Norman Bates.

With the free spins bonus game you can easily spin your way to riches. To see how rewarding being a psycho can be just play the game.


The Invisible Man by NetEnt

Excitement, horror and thrill will be the feelings when you decide to explore the power of the Invisible Man. At some time everything goes terribly wrong with this superhero power of invisibility. As there is no way to turn back that power is used for evil.

Every spin of the reels goes together with the world of horror expressed by cinematics, graphics and storyline. Awesome bonus features appear to lead you to impressive wins.

Try to escape from the Police man who is following you when you

Play The Invisible Man for free at


Alens by NetEnt

This brilliant NetEnt slot of 5 reels and 15 paylines is based on the favorite Aliens film.

Get ready to scream and win with every spin as there are plenty of bonus features. There are three different levels to be covered: The Search, The Encounter and The Hive. After doing this you will discover the secrets of this exciting slot. On the reels Aliens will come face to face with you. Try to be brave and become the winner.

You will either conquer the aliens and be rewarded or fall victim to their horrible attack.

Play Aliens for free at 


Creature from the Black Lagoon by NetEnt 

The feeling that you have been transferred back in time is complete with this NetEnt slot based on the movie from 1954.  It is brilliantly designed, with fantastic main characters that serve to enjoy every moment spent playing Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It is not only the spirit, but the bonus features are attractive in this slot too. Be careful with the lagoon, try not to be pulled beneath the waters and be sure not to miss the huge free spins features.

Play Creature from the Black Lagoon for free at


Don't wait for long and start to play these freaky and exciting slots today! Visit our Free Slots and you will find more exciting slots!

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