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5 Hit Songs Inspired by Gambling

5 Hit Songs Inspired by Gambling

 As a form of entertainment gambling has existed for many years. Millions of people use the activity just for fun or with the hope to win. From the other hand, gambling has been a source of inspiration to many popular musicians.


There are awesome songs written about gambling by famous music artists


The next 5 haunting songs are a brilliant musical evocation of gambling as a source of fun and life lessons.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

In this country style song the singer offers us to listen to a conversation he had with an old poker player on a train. The haunting melody is dropped by the words of the card player who is trying to give life advice in connection with pleasure from poker playing.

The Stranger Song by Leonard Cohen

This song also creates a haunting atmosphere focusing on the popular game of poker. The mixture of gambling metaphors with life lessons is the main topic. The cards simply move from one player to the next one. Nothing else than empty promises – this is what cards usually offer. The players keep playing with the hope to have just a card that brings them luck and generous wins.

House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

This truly haunting song compares a casino with a House of the Rising Sun. Players visit a casino with the great hope to meet their fortune there. They usually leave the place at sunrise when their luck or cash has run out. Some people may admit the song as very pessimistic but for others it is a source of optimism that comes with the new day and the light of the sun.

Rambling, Gambling Willie by Bob Dylan

The atmosphere of this song is full of fun and pleasure. It tells the story of a player called Willie, the greatest gambler people have ever known. Willie has gambled all over the world. He has been not just an avid gambler, but a great winner too.

Blackjack by Ray Charles

This song creates a haunted atmosphere of boom and gloom. The singer speaks about the big trouble Blackjack has caused him. The melody expresses how unlucky he has been in his continued gameplay of Blackjack. But the singer knows very well that it’s his own fault. At the end of the song the optimism comes with the hope that one day the player will hit that twenty-one.   

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