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4 Console Games that will make you experience Online Gambling in a new way

4 Console Games that will make you experience Online Gambling in a new way

Meet the challenge with these 4 console casino games as a new way for online gambling

You can live your life, have fun and start earning more with online casinos and gambling. Online casinos are the best form for entertainment accessible from home. People from all over the world enjoy this industrial invention and it became extremely popular. With the mobile casinos users are allowed to play and win until they travel or just walk.


Industrial Progress

Online gambling as an industry changes and improves non stop. Nowadays modern technologies and exciting features are used by the providers to satisfy the needs of the market. Plenty of mobile casinos, virtual reality and a multiple reality casino games are invading the market, but consoles have also made their progress. Thousands of people enjoy playing on a console, like Xbox or PlayStation and the casino games are admitted as a form of entertainment.

Gaming sector increases and improves every day. It allows customers to play their favorite casino games just for fun, with no need to spend or win any real money. The casino games designed for consoles are pretty the same.


The following 4 console games are really very attractive and you can currently find them on the market


Pure Hold'em

Available on Xbox and PlayStation the console Pure Hold'em was developed by Studios VooFoo. It has stepped on the stage as one of the best casino games available nowadays. With the support of the online multiplayer you can stand around a virtual poker table and participate with your friends in a tournament. The other option is to join a random table and play with other users. The aim of the game is to participate in a Texas Hold'em tournament where you can try to find your way from one table to the other. Every next one is with bigger difficulty. Your play will be similar to a virtual 3D world.


Fantasy Slots: Adventure Games and Slots

Fantasy Slots was designed by Big John Games. It looks like a cartoonish creation and is available only for the Wii. Because of the arrival of the Switch and the Wii is not the top Nintendo console any more, these casino games are still played on a regular level. As players make their own way through the big number of casino games available, many awards and achievements can be won. Multiple 5-reel slots wait to be explored, six bonus games can test your limits and you can decorate and design a high-roller suit to show your skills.


Four Kings Casino and Slots

If you are not keen in playing in a land-based casino, Four Kings Casino and Slots is your chance for entertainment.

With this RPG creation players have the perfect chance to become completely emerged in the world of an online casino. Four Kings Casino and Slots was designed by Digital Leisure Inc. in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and is available on PlayStation and Xbox as well.

To start the game you will have to create a virtual being with clothing, facial features, hairstyles, etc. It is the most attractive way to play you favorite games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Keno, Bingo, Roulette, Slots and others.


Prominence Poker

This famous RPG was created by 505 Games and is available on PlayStation, Steam for PC and Xbox. It is dark and grungy and focuses on the darker side of the casino gambling. The choice is yours to play Prominence poker on your own in a single player or with partners in a multiplayer mode.

This time again you can build up your own character with facial features, hairstyle, body, clothing and so on. Casino games from this type make the interaction and experience much more exciting. In the game you can create either a virtual version of yourself or play the role of somebody totally different.

During the time you play Prominence Poker, you will discover gambling rings that are located underground. You will have the chance to out-bluff the bad guys and be rewarded, the same as when  you are playing poker.

Probably one day consoles players will be happy to play, bet and win real cash. We will wait and see. 


For all the players of online casino games without spending any real money, our recommendation is to visit our Free Slots Section. There you can play table games and slots for free!

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