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You don't want to miss these 4 live casino games

You don't want to miss these 4 live casino games

Four amazing live casino games shouldn't be missed by live casino lovers. There is no necessity for players to travel out from home to enjoy their favorite entertainment.


Nowadays players can play the live dealer games they love best from their cozy homes


Some of the most famous casino games are: Roulette, Baccarat, Hold'em Poker and Blackjack. Modern technologies have made these games accessible for the users from anywhere they like.


Immerse Roulette

Different types of Live Roulette are available at online casinos, but Immerse Roulette designed and provided by Evolution Gaming is preferred by many customers. The design developed by the company has created very satisfying atmosphere of sureness and perfect view. 

It is the perfect game for players with different budget – it can be played from a bet as $1 to $10,000 maximum. Those of you have played Roulette before, will understand the rules with no difficulty, because the organization is very similar. As soon as you register and the sign Your Bets becomes active you can pick your numbers until the sign Bets Closed appears. Unparalleled gameplay is ensured by additional features like the Slow Motion Replay.


Live Baccarat

The game Live Baccarat has the capacity to develop high class gaming experience to its users. They can also get high stakes and big winnings. The game design offers spectacular graphics, smooth streaming and challenging dealers. You will be playing first against the Banker, then the Player or the Standoff. Special bets like the Pairs Views side bet give the players the chance to bet on the Player or the Banker without even participating. With a bit of good luck and clever organization this bet will reward you with a massive 111 payout.


Live Hold'em

Live Casino Hold'em is a successful alternative of the five card Texas Hold'em game. You can take on the dealer in the exciting game around the clock. And this is not all, to make your entertainment stronger you are allowed to team up with other players and outsmart the dealer.

The first step when you start the game is to place an Ante bet, after that you will be dealt 2 cards face up and 3 community cards will be drawn face up as well. You will be given the chance to choose Fold or Call. If you decide to Call the rest of the cards will be drawn and if you have stronger hand than the dealer's you will walk away with big winnings. 


Live Blackjack

Evolution Gaming has developed the game Live Blackjack to provide the players with fun and gaming experience. The general goal of this exciting game is to play face to face with a dealer and reach 21 or nearer to this before the dealer. With a piece of good luck and perfect strategy the players are involved in the most active form in the final outcome.

Sign up at one of our top-rated live casinos and start playing any of these fantastic live casino games.

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