The opinion of one of the world best poker players - Game of Poker ceased to be fun

The opinion of one of the world best poker players - Game of Poker ceased to be fun

Poker has been a really popular game since the  beginning of  17th century, being among the most popular casino games. The card game Poker has been so adored that it has even become a sport played in land-based and online casinos countries worldwide. However, it is a bit astonishing how the contemporary way of playing poker influences the game and its players.

Slow hand

Well known are different versions of poker, still increasing number of modern ones seem to have started slowing down. Patrick Antonius, who is one of the best poker players worldwide, has recently shared about his frustration of the leading direction of the game.


The rules and structure of Poker have not changed for decades - it is predominately considered as a fast paced game. On one hand, poker is regarded as a sport, but one which has always included fun as part of the games. First and foremost, playing poker is not just a game, or is it?


After the game 888Live Barcelona, Antonius has shared how the game is developing and its contributions. One of Antonius’s biggest concerns was that the game was getting more serious and hard as a whole. In general, fun disappears when it comes to a competitive sport, but when we speak about Poker the situation is different.

Up to the poker star Antonius, the game 888Live Barcelona commenced lively with quick resolutions  but later on after dinner, it became slow and stern. The discouraged player confessed that after dinner it took between 5 and 7 minutes per each hand. The main concern was that it resembled to be a chain reaction of one player opening and the others following suit.

Herd Mentality

Nevetheless most people are inclined to brag of being totally independent in decision making, it has been proven that people tend to have a subconscious herd mentality. For example, if 90% of a group assert something to be correct, it is more likely that the rest will follow in their footsteps.

The herd mentality behaviour is actually widespread and common in everyday life. The majority of people are indecisive and unconfident, and it is commonplace that they choose to follow suit. Moreover, most people are inclined to be obedient, and not rebellious in society.

Thus, marketing specialists, and markets as a whole thrive on the latter mentality. Knowing people's common behaviour enables  marketing specialists to be able to predict and direct consumers, and to achieve the results they require.The problem is that the herd mentality can affect some of the outcomes associated with a particular activity, such as Poker.

For Patrick Antonius the numerous wins are a result of a great strategy and poker face. As for him, valid for other poker players, each game should be reasonably paced and enjoyable, above all.

As a solution to a possible issue of the games, 888Live has brought up the Action Clock in their Main Events and High Roller games. It won’t solve the issue as a whole, but it will surely help some events and could provoke other game organisers and casinos to implement the Action Clock.

Poker is and is created to be a quick thinking game, which is to be enjoyed and be considered an exciting, enchanting free time activity.

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