More facts about online casino prize pool

More facts about online casino prize pool

As a popular form of entertainment playing online casino games is mainly done for fun and with the hope to win. Given the fact that there are countless casinos on the market, it is essential what casino you will choose to play.

On one hand, casinos that are built on scripts come with a slot RTP (Return to Player Percentage) adjusted by the casino manager. This means that your winnings will not exceed the 30-70%. The prize pool and your rewards will depend on the greed of the casino owner. From the other hand, licensed casinos have no access to slot settings. Their software is located on the developer servers.


The main factors to play online your favourite casino games and win are the casino prize pool and the randomness


When playing at licensed casinos you get the chance to win a х100 of your deposit. In other words, after depositing a £100 you can win £5k, £10k, £15k. The only factors here are the casino prize pool and the randomness. If we decide to put aside the luck or randomness as a scamming factor, it will not matter which casino or slot you have chosen.

Read the article below to find useful information about online casino prize pool. 

А Little math always helps

Funds are needed to maintain an online casino. From the total expenses 15% or 20% go for the software developer. 15% from the deposits will be given to the payment systems. Money will be needed for advertising, salaries, site maintenance, and many other small things. Actually, as the figures show half of the player's money goes to cover the expenses and a profit to casino owners. Obviously, almost everything is wasted. Gradually, of course, not immediately. But you will now say that you have not seen a casino which went bankrupt because of the lack of payouts. But there are some that were closed because of a small number of players. The truth is that the casino does not pay all from its pocket. The scamming process with casinos that are built on scripts will be immediate, and the license guarantees a long-term cheating. This is a clever trick to keep customers. And who else wants to tell me that the randomness is over the player's pool?

A definition of online casino's pool?

Ok - A pool is when 100 people made deposits of £10, and as a result the casino has a total of £1k.

The Return to Player Percentage (RTP) is a part of any slot. In most of the cases it is included in an average of 95%. This means that usually we lose 5% of every bet. As the game can have different flows you may get £100 in 5 minutes with no outs or thousands from £100 during a night. Otherwise said, RTP can be used to trick slots - the smaller the spin time and amount, the more money left for us in the cashier.

In general each online casino contains slots with a RTP higher than 90%. Additionally to this the variety of existing software is huge. Each software possesses its own bank. But who knows? It may be possible that the claimed RTP is different for each player. You can win 10%, 70%, 300% and even 1000%. You want to win? Choose a legal online casino, play responsibly to keep the fun and Win Big!

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