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China has recently insisted to ban online gambling in Philippines

China has recently insisted to ban online gambling in Philippines

China has recently insisted to ban online gambling in Philippines.

With the readiness to meet the demands of its clients - the players, the online gambling industry has  shown permanent increase and growth. During the past few years it has seen a lot of changes during the process of its development.

Many countries and regions have opened their internet doors for the best online casino gaming. At the same time there are still some who want to remove it from their regions.


Philippine leader is trying to reject China's call that online gambling should be banned from the Philippines in favour of the local economy


According to the latest news China's urge is for the Philippines to ban their online gambling once again. But the response of Rodrigo Duterte - the President of the Philippines is negative. He does not want to ban the business which is booming in his country and provides a really good revenue.

It was in 2016 that the President of the Philippines endorsed the idea to legalize online gambling in his region. He declared that the decision to make the business legal came from the hope to benefit the interest of the state economy.  As a result now there are more jobs available in the country. Licensed online gambling companies pay fees and taxes. These companies are known as Philippine offshore gambling operators – POGOs.

The figures show that these companies attract many visitors from China – workers and players too. All this provides a huge benefit for the local economy. As an addition this raises an increased demand for real estates, commerce, hotel accommodations, tourism and others.

Because of the fact that there are more than 100,000 Chinese citizens working in the online gambling industry in the Philippines, China's government has made the request for the prohibition. There are concerns that most of these Chinese people are illegal workers. Their presence causes in general security concerns. Actually in China there is a ban on all forms of gambling except state lotteries. As a result many Chinese gambling companies have already moved out of the country.

Since the gambling activity became legal in Philippines, the state regulator has given licenses to 60 online gambling operators. They all contribute largely to the national revenue through license fees. But due to a call for tighter control on Chinese visitors, Manila has already stopped licensing for new online gaming companies.

As a response to reject the call of China that the Philippines should ban online gambling, the government reported that the losses for the state economy for the Philippines might be massive - up to $617m a year in taxes.

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