Released 02.02.2018
Type 3D Slots
Provider Betsoft
Theme Sweet
RTP 96.42%
Reels 6
Rows 6
Paylines N/A

Sugar Pop 2

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Sugar Pop is the recent creation of Betsoft developers. It is a cross between Bejewelled and Candy Crush (popular video game on Facebook) but in the form of a slot.

Sugar Pop slots has a big number of bonus features and massive payouts. This is a typical free play slot game. You can play it for free or with real money, too. It can be played on the desktop of a PC or on the go from mobile devices such as Android and iPad.

Sugar Pop Features

This is not a typical slot games which you used to know. Sugar Pop possesses a big range of levels and cascading reels. It is an all ways, which means that players are not betting on a payline. They need to pop the candy and to do align three pieces of candy either horizontally or vertically. If they have succeeded to line up the candy properly, the candy pieces will shatter. Then new pieces will  take their place. When the pieces make a string of 3, the candy shatters again. The process repeats automatically.

Each spean goves the chance to the users to accumulate “special candies”. The special candies come with their individual features. To activate players need to compose winning combinations.

Information about the Special Candies

As soon as you get a winning combination the special candies activate different features.

The list below gives information of the bonus features:

Super Colour – If a winning combination of 4 or more of the same colour is hit, the winning candy will be transformed into “Super Color”. You will win a multiplier if you manage to match the colour before the next spin.

Colour Bomb – When you succeed to match 5 of the same pieces of candy, a colour bomb will appear and completely shatter the screen.

Candy Cane – Only players who have reached level 10 or up can have access to this feature. A candy cane landed on any of the reels will make the candies within the same row and column explode.

Cotton Candy - Only players who have reached level 20 or up can have access to this feature. A landed cotton candy will produce a tornado which will sweep away other symbols. This will help to compose new winning combinations.

Jelly Beans – Players who have reached minimum Level 12 in the game can access the Jelly Bean feature. When you manage to land a Jelly Bean it will start flying across the screen. After it lands, explosions will come and winnings of course.

Caramel Chew- Players who have reached minimum Level 2 in the game can access the Caramel Chew bonus round. Hit this feature and admire how the Caramel chews everything around.

Gum Drop – This feature can be available for players with Level 6 in the game. Hit the gumdrop and it will suck up many candies before its final explosion.

Lollipop – Were you a lollipop fan as a child? You will definitely love the lollipop bonus feature in this game. It is accessible for all players. If during your final spin you manage to hit it, it will start swirling the candies around and you will receive the chance for a better strike.

Chocolate – As this happens with chocolate, this feature is addicting. After a successful landing of a piece of chocolate, a 3 x 3 magic box will appear to make the pieces of candy melt into a pool of chocolate. New symbols and probably bigger wins will happily surprise you.

Jawbreaker – The Jawbreaker symbol can be available on Level 8 and up. Players are given the chance to brake other items. Hit a Jawbreaker and enjoy the result on the reels.

White Chocolate – Reach the Level 4 and up and get the access to this feature. You will be given the opportunity to compose winning combinations with almonds like missiles. New symbols will appear and most of them may be winning. 

Methods of Leveling up at Candy Slot Game

Leveling up is done automatically throughout the game play. There is an icon on the right side of your screen – this is the level up meter. There are 20 levels. You will need to play 4 different “candy” worlds and land winning combinations. When you stop playing and close the computer Sugar Pop deletes the information from this meter and does not save it for future plays. Next time you will need to start from Level 1 again.

Bonus Pattern

When you succeed to hit a specific pattern of candies, which is located in a circle, on the  left hand side of the screen the bonus pattern will be activated. It is very similar to playing bingo. 600 points will be added to your Level Up meter as soon as you hit the exact pattern. Any pieces of candy can be used in this Candy Crush slots game for hitting the Bonus pattern.

Methods of Payouts

The payouts in Sugar Pop slots differs a lot comparing with the traditional slot game. A 5 x 5 grid and a cascading motion is used in this slot game when you hit the spin button. In other words after pressing the spin, the symbols will drop. After that a new set will come there. Three connecting pieces of candy only will be necessary to win. The spaces are 25, so the possibility to win a big payout is enormous.

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