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Rock N Roller

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Rock and roll is invariably all the rage, with so many aficionados worldwide. Its rhythms will make everyone start dancing at the very moment people hear them. This cheerful style is shown in the Rock ‘n’ Roller Slot, the game for fans of the music and the dances which make everyone feel full of energy and ready to rock with the music. The graphics in the game are on Playtech’s great level, so the game will be absolutely uplifting. The sound effects are of course an important part of the game’s appeal. You will hear it open with a song made famous by Elvis Presley. It is “Tutti Frutti”, a familiar song which invites everyone to dance and be happy.

The symbols will lead you into the atmosphere of rock and roll, with the guitar, the drum, the harmonica, the instruments which join together to yield great music. Plus, the symbols of the records will remind you of glorious periods in which rock and roll won gold and platinum records. The symbols of the records are the most promising ones for you in the game, as they are the ones to reward you with the maximum wins.

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A beginner with a passion for rock and roll and a seasoned player alike will enjoy Rock ‘n’ Roller to the fullest. The enjoyment of the music, the environment of the rock and roll world, and the simple rules which will not complicate your gaming will blend to create great gaming experiences. As you play, you will see the winning combinations shown on the interface. So you will know what combinations to look for and what wins to expect.

The groups of 3 symbols, a combination of symbols of a kind, will reward you with different wins. For 3 drums, or 3 harmonicas, or 3 guitars, there are appealing payouts. The combination of 3 gold records will reward you with the highest win, 150 coins. Furthermore, you will reap wins for a combination of 3 blanks, a combination of any 3 instruments, or a combination of any 3 records. The big wins come with the platinum records. They range from 400 coins to the highest amount, 700 coins. Play in the rhythm of rock and roll, and you will not lack the bonus features you find in other games, because you can see that the opportunities for winning abound, and playing for fun is a reward which is also enormous.