Released 01.06.2001
Provider Microgaming
Theme Sports
Reels N/A
Rows N/A

Premier Racing

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Horse racing sends thrills all over the body in many aficionados of horse themed activities and in fans of games, both in real life and online. That is why this racing themed game is bound to draw the attention. Stop to see what will happen there, and you will be attracted to join and experience the thrills of virtual racing, competition between horses, and winning. The race course here is called Birchfield. Just watch the races that take place on it, and do your betting on the horse of your choice, by playing from any place, mostly from home, but also for example from any place that you are in on vacation. You will feel like in a real race, because there are graphics and animations in this Microgaming game that will be true to life. The RACE NOW button is the one to hit, and your game will start. The virtual game will not be inferior to live games in the thrills it will create. For horse racing aficionados, that is just the thing to choose in the list of games which Microgaming has brought out at their disposal.

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You will have a convenient list of horses names, and there will be their pictures, plus the listed odds. These are the data you need to make up your mind on which horse to bet. You can bet on how the horse you have selected will win, or how it will score in the race. What you need to do is click on the horse or horses that you want to come up first, and then the amount that you want to wager on them.The racing course is open in front of you, and you can hear the sounds of horse hooves. Around the course are the woods, and there is nothing like such setting to make you relax and breathe with full delight. Now time comes for exploring the list, for each horse you can see the information, the jockey riding it, essential tips on the horse's nature. Some horses are dedicated front runners, which makes them eligible as hopefuls for the first place. Others will be not very decided, so it is likely they will finish among the runners up, and even among the also rans. You will gain experience as you play, but if you have bet on real horse racing events you will have some idea of what to look for. The information about the horses and their likely performance is short but to the point. That is enough to help you take your decision, before you hit the button and start the game. There are eight horses to choose from. Click on the horse, and start keeping your fingers crossed as you see it race.

To complement the impression of a real life racing event, you will also have the results from the previous race displayed at the top of the screen. Choose your preferred horse, one that will go steadily and more slowly and then quickly pick up speed, or a lightning starter, or a steadily staying one. The choice is yours, and the race is on now. Good luck and enjoy the virtual Premier Racing.

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