Winning big got stunning proof - €80000 won

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Winning Big

Players worldwide have been motivated by the prospects of winning. There are wins big and smaller hovering around, so payouts are frequent. Energy Casino is one of the venues where punters love to play. What about bagging an enormous, life changing amount? Some may think that grabbing big is not really low hanging fruit. But just wait, because when a punter has won a mega fortune, the news is bound to get viral in next to no time. When you hear such inspiring news about a player bagging a mega heap of wins, you will become convinced that your incentives for playing and winning really hefty payouts are right.

What happened recently proved that winning such a mega lucrative win is really low hanging fruit. That happened to a guy who played on Energy Casino, a punter who hails from Slovakia and uses the moniker Rasto. Can you imagine what a heap he got into his hands, as a reward for playing? It was “merely” €80,000, the amount of his win! What is more, it happened in the first hours of February 14th, 2016, Sunday!

You will be interested to learn which game Rasto played, on that romantic day. It was Dazzle Me Touch. The punter wagered €200, and his win was €7,280. That must have inspired him to go on and play. This time he chose Spinata Grande Touch, again placing a wager of €200, and the game rewarded him with €10,200. That was another lucrative win, but Rasto decided to transfer to a third game, this time he placed a wager of €250, playing Jack Hammer 2 Touch. Can you imagine his win on the third game? It was €11,610! Starting a Valentine’s Day in that way, with three wins back to back, the guy must have felt on cloud nine.

Winning big got stunning proof, on February 14th to 16th, for a punter bagging €80,000

But Energy Casino has a vast plethora of games, so Rasto saw luck was smiling wide at him, and decided to go on. He continued to indulge in his gaming passion, hoping for wins to continue, after he had a short break. It was by lunchtime that he was back to the online casino games, and ready to spin the reels and see how luck is going on to reward him. Well, in South Park, with a €100, he got yet another hefty win, this time €21,000.

Do you think it was just Valentine’s Day that was the culprit for Rasto’s winning streak? Just wait until you learn what followed. On the next day, February 15th, Rasto was back to Energy Casino, ready to indulge in his favorite games. Dazzle Me Touch was the game he started, and the wager he placed was €300. Rasto must have been inspired by his rewarding wins the previous day, so you see he upped his wager. And he won a hefty payout again! This time he grabbed €48,520! What is more, luck continued to stay by his side on Tuesday, February 16th, and with bets of €200 on two Tornado games: Farm Escape Touch and Spinata Grande Touch, he reaped over  €45,000! Isn’t that an example to follow?