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Why play at high bet online casinos

Perks of playing at high bet online casinos

With the rapid development of modern technology fabulous changes have appeared in every branch of economy. Epic changes can also be seen in casino industry. Not long ago casino players had to go to land-based casinos for playing their favourite games. Nowadays no need to waste time and money for travelling to the nearest brick and mortar establishment – you can play at online casinos just from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy your entertainment using the desktop, tablet or mobile device. There is a vast range of trusted online casinos to choose from. In our world of competitiveness online casinos try to offer something different to meet the tastes and needs of their clients. This usually includes attractive bonuses and promotions, variable games and different size of bets. 


A big number of high bet online casinos offer an elite gambling experience for high rollers who prefer to place high bets with the hope to grab big wins. 


All the design at high bet online casinos has been organized to meet the needs of high rollers.


Types of High Rollers

In general the high rollers can be put in three groups based on the bet amounts they want to play. The high roller types are: Players, Premium Players and Whales:

  • Players – Being on the lowest level of the high roller scale these people usually start the gaming with $10,000 or more.
  • Premium Players – These people are on the next level of high roller scale and usually have between $100,000 and $250,000 in their account. On a single wager they usually make bets between $5,000 and $10,000. These players are extremely flexible when having unlucky days at the casino – their trick is to place smaller bets.
  • Whales – The Whale is a player who has a lot to spend. Any high bet online casino wants to attract such a top-level high roller who will often spend about $1,000,000 in one betting session. The fact that the whales usually can go as high as $100,000 per spin, deal or roll, makes them incredibly valuable for any high bet online casino.


5 Reasons of playing at a High Bet Online Casino


1.Bigger and better bonuses and promotions

Every high roller will feel very special with the bigger and better rewards offered by the high bet online casinos. The package will start with a big welcome bonus. After taking advantage of this amazing starting the high roller's aiming the VIP program. Depending on the speed a player climbs the VIP ranks he will get access to additional bonus rewards sent by the casino.

The casino will do their best to keep the players happy by showering them in exclusive perks, additional bonus promotions, no deposit gifts and much more. From the other hand, if a player has been a high roller at a casino for quite a long time, he can start negotiating for additional perks and better bonus rewards.


2.Games with high limits

In the spirit of competitiveness online casinos try to offer a big variety of games available to meet any taste and needs of the players. High bet online casinos provide the high rollers with high limit games. These include different variations of slots, video poker and table games. Players get an immersive gaming experience with the amazing graphics and high quality sounds of the games. Actually high limit slots supply high back percentages and this is because higher denomination slots offer a better payout percentage. 

Choosing to play at a high bet online casino you will get access to play a big variety of slots: progressive jackpot, video slots, classic slots and more. Progressive jackpot slots will come with bigger returns at high bet casinos.


3.Deposits and withdrawals with higher limits

Lead by the idea to keep high rollers happy many online casinos offer higher deposit and withdrawal limits. As they bet more, high rollers get bigger rewards, which is considered as one of the major perks of being a high roller. Additionally to this they are usually given the priority in connection with the withdrawals. They simply enjoy faster pay-outs. From the other hand, high roller withdrawals very rarely come with any withdrawal fees.


4.Other special perks

High bet online casinos know how to make the highest rollers at the casino feel really very special.  As part of their rewards, online casinos often give tickets for music concerts, sport events, exhibitions and many others to their customers. High rollers are often invited to big company events and celebrations, with expenses completely paid.  


5.VIP support services

High bet online casinos offer another great perk to their high rollers – access to VIP support. A dedicated member from the support team will be available to you at any time. High rollers are usually assisted by these personal support agents in any case of need.

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