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The use of VPN as a gaming option for non-EU casinos

The use of VPN as a gaming option for non-EU casinos

Playing online casino games has become a common form of entertainment for millions all around the earth. Unfortunately in many countries located outside Europe this activity isn't legal and generally impossible. The passion for gambling online among the players has given rise to the appearance of new gaming options such as the use of a VPN.


The question now is how reliable the use of a VPN is for non–EU casinos


What does a VPN mean?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) adds some more security to all the activities you perform through internet. Actually, by using VPN you can disguise your internet traffic from your internet service provider. In general a VPN provides the internet connection between remote sites to each other. This is done through a “tunnel” as a secure link between your computer to the websites. You can visit any website and stay anonymous. You can play from the UK and pretend using your computer from Malta, Mexico or anywhere else. 


We still wonder how reliable a VPN can be for non-EU casinos.

Some countries have already legalized the use of VPN but there are still many where the activity is illegal. Actually you can legally use a VPN in China, Iran, Irak, North Kocea, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. In some of the above countries the legalization come with different restrictions. Even they are legal, all VPN activities in the UK are monitored by the FBI and NSA. So when you decide to play at your favourite non-EU casinos you must take into account whether or not you will be able to use a VPN for gambling activities.

If you want to play the game you must play it right. Another thing to take into consideration beside knowing which countries permit the use of VPN, is where or not you live in a country where gambling online is legal. If you gamble via a VPN in a state or a country where gambling is declared illegal, it will be still considered breaking the law.

Our recommendation is to find and use only reliable VPN as using untrustworthy or free VPN will result in big troubles. For example, you won't be able to place bets at your chosen casino. You will be provided with reliable access to non-EU casinos with any of the best VPN. If you make use of the best VPN you will be able to choose a gambling country to “locate” as well as to trick the online casino you are gambling from that location. 


How to pick the best VPN?

Avoid using just any VPN. Read the next useful tips for picking the right VPN for you:

  • Search for review sites to find out if the VPN provider has got a good reputation. You can read about the opinions of players who have already used the considered VPN. Usually customers feedback helps you determine whether or not a VPN is reliable or not.
  •  You should also take note whether or not the VPN logs the site you visit. As you are looking for privacy you should remove from the list of consideration any VPN that logs the sites you visit.
  •  Check to see if the VPN is registered in a country where you will be required to share your personal details. If that is the case you might walk away.
  •  The next thing that must be done is to check the security protocols the VPN company has offered. The fact that need to be considered is that unreliable companies offer basic protocols while the best VPN companies have in place layers of security too.
  •  Never ignore the need to check the payment methods the company offers. Some offer strange and anonymous payment options compared to others.



Playing at non-EU casinos with the use of a VPN can be safe only if you make use of the most reliable VPN options. To be sure to find the right one you should ignore free VPN providers. And this is because they try to find other ways to make money. For example, having your personal data they can abuse and sell the information to third parties and others. That might be negative towards and spoil your entertainment.

Before anything else, when you take the decision to use a VPN the first thing to do is to check your computer is free from any malware. Some malware jave the capacity to give foreign agents access to your computer and you won't be able to play in a privacy.

Your next step will be to make thorough research about the VPN you want to use. Before moving forward always consider using a VPN and choose the right one even it might cost you extra as time or cash but make sure that you are playing your game in the right way, reliably and beneficially.

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