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Understanding the “House Edge”

Understanding the “House Edge”

It is no secret that casinos hold the advantage. Without it, however, it would be impossible for these gaming clubs to operate without going in the red. With that in mind, it is essential that you understand the unfavorable position that you are in to gain the upper hand. This is the meaning of “house edge” for fresh players foreign to online casinos.


The “House Edge”

The house edge shows the advantage held by the casino in any given game. It is a statistical calculation, expressed as a percentage, revolving around the discrepancy between the odds of you winning versus the odds of you losing.  It is consequently a portrayal of the statistical advantage that any game gives to the house, hence the name “house edge”.

To give you an illustration on how the house edge works, we will use the most straightforward example, the red/black bets. The biggest fallacy that people misinterpret is that there is a 50% chance of you winning or losing. That is not correct, however, as the two zeroes skew the odds in favor of the house. With 38 separate variations and only 18 of those winning, the possibility of you coming out ahead is 47.37%.

The truth of the situation is that, at the end of the day the odds are stacked against you and you have less of a chance winning and more of a chance losing.


How to gain an advantage against the House

It is easy not to fall inside the trap that casinos put when you have the Internet on the tip of your fingers. A quick and simple search can yield you these calculations and help stack the odds in your favour. This can prove useful as it can help you pick which games to steer clear from and which ones to play.

Being aware of these calculations will help you, should you find yourself in a lucky streak, by realizing that you can still lose 53% of the time. Having knowledge that the game is made so that you will inevitably fail, you can save 53% of your winnings and continue playing knowing that you will withdraw with money in your pocket.

While a lot of players continue playing after they have won in hopes of earning even more than what they have already made, they disregard what they are risking. As a result of doing this, most, eventually, lose it all. Identifying when to back down is pivotal to the success of gamblers and for those who seek to walk off with money rather than with an empty wallet.

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