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Unbelievable fact - a casino was hacked through an aquarium thermometer

Unbelievable fact - a casino was hacked through an aquarium thermometer

Nowadays we are non stop surrounded by different technologies. Most of our everyday appliances are actually designed to connect to Internet. The IoT -  Internet of Things provides us with many advantages, but at the same time leaves us vulnerable.

An unfortunate event has recently happened to a land-based casino – it was hacked and all the information was stolen. This fact shows how vulnerable we could be every day.

Hacked through a smart thermometer

A smart aquarium thermometer could be considered as one of the most innocent items in an environment. But the bad event that happened to a casino showed the opposite. A smart thermometer was installed to monitor the water of an aquarium in the lobby of the casino. And believe it or not but the casino fell victim to an information breach.

Nicole Eagan, the CEO of the cybersecurity company Darktrace comments were that the hackers used the thermometer to get a foothold in the network. They found the high-roller database and pulled that back across the network. A large amount of information on high rollers, private details, and others was stolen. This event shows the fact that many appliances which connect to the internet are not protected.

Internet of Things

Many items from our every day life can connect to internet, like fridges, cars, Alexa devices, thermometers, etc. Most of them are not designed with security software. Actually for many of us the chances of being hacked are small. But big companies, such as this land-based casino, being a target for cyber-attacks is a real danger.

Internet expands every day and with it the hackers' ability to look for and find new and inventive ways to get your information and and worst of all, your money.


That's why online casinos' target is to provide safety and security in their playing environment


Thanks to highly-rated internet security software we provide protection of all your information from the very first moment when you register your account at a top online casino. All your playing experience is kept safe and secure thanks to site encryption, safety measures and security checks. 

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