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If you are one of the high rollers in the industry, you shall definitely continue reading the below lines and find out first where the top online slots for “big money” gamblers taste the game with fortune.

All of the below casinos will offer you a maximum betting level and will certainly pay you back with the same generosity. Most of the casinos that you will be looking for will be a slot alike casino games, as well as mortar and brick once. You should make your bet on the one that offers the healthiest max limit of bets that best fits your style of play.

Another great thing to enjoy is that there are already a lot of online casinos, which delight their high rollers with a special VIP status once you reach a pre-defined level of maximum bets. Make yourself familiar for the specific requirements of each of them and prepare for the golden throne. Also, once being there – on the top – you will be granted an exclusive access to VIP high limit bet slots, unlocking amazing jackpots and prizes.

And to make your life easier, we have prepared a quick review for some of the top online casinos for high rollers which you can go and bet on immediately.



We are now presenting you an extraordinary 3D graphics slot game produced by Microgaming. You shall surely enjoy the nine paylines and five reels waiting to be rolled. Stunning graphics and even more marvelous jackpots, combined with free spins.

The maximum bet limit is set to $45 and respectively the jackpot can hit up to 4,000x, which makes the remarkable $180,000 pending to be withdraw. Another grand hit to make are the 25 FREE SPINS, as well as a 5x win multiplier option. Only for real high rollers, please!!!



Microgaming on the shelf again. To raise your adrenaline to the max, you can try the bet limits of this astonishing game, coming up to $500 per spin.

Here we should clearly remark that the logic of the game in regards to the wins it offers is a bit more different that the other you are most probably used to. In short, there are 243 winning combinations on the five reels and your prize will depend on the symbols that will appear on the desktop once you spin them. Exactly this is the reason why the Burning Desire Slot online game can bring you more possibilities to win rather than the other slots on the market.

Now combine this one of a kind software with the huge bet max of $500 and see yourself what the enormous jackpot to enrich your bank account can be.



Now turning to Novomatic’s games, we will strongly recommend you to try your luck on Book of Ra Deluxe Slot. The 3D graphics designed just perfectly will bring you back to the ancient times where the main protagonist to meet will be the Egyptian God of Sun Ra. Move along the temples and play big as a real God of high rollers.

The limit here for you max bet is €100 (round $133) and enjoy a maximum of 5,000x your bet. Yes, you have counted it just correct – the incredible €500,000 can be yours ($665,000). And all this fortune can come to your hands thanks to the five reels and ten pay lines of the game. For your unlimited delight, the developers have also ensured some 10 FREE SPINS to hit on.



When talking about high roller slots, we cannot miss the Playtech games too. A max bet limit of $1,250 can be named no other but a real high roller class stake. Still that is not all to say. Some of the casinos offer a bet up to $2,500 once you hit the status of a VIP gambler.

For those big money to play on their games, Playtech will reward you huge with a Jackpot of over a $1 million USD!!! All that garnished with a huge variety of delicious FREE SPINS, 15x win multipliers, wild symbols all over the place and surprising quality of graphics.

Due to be already known for a numerous provided non progressive jackpots, Great Blue can be classified as the top online based high roller casino game in the gambling world.


Settle yourself comfortably and spin the reels for the high roller jackpots waiting for you out there.

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