Thrilling times forthcoming for the Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Thrilling times forthcoming for the Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

The exciting gaming world in all its modes – casino, console or mobile, creates a whole reality of its own. It got its biggest boost in 2016, what about 2017 and the upcoming prospects it holds?

"All over the world, new companies are  springing up fast with the sole purpose  to provide new experiences for VR devotees."

Every day, Virtual Reality as well as Amplified Reality are both expanding and advancing with better visuals and close to life game experience, that customers so much aspire. 

The industry of Virtual Reality

Digi-Capital estimates in one of their reports that $120 billion will be brought by the Virtual Reality and Amplified Reality by 2020.  

The way this industry will thrive is easy to be foreseen due to the rapid progress of headsets and apps. Being a fresh starter, this industry is building up fast and to keep its growth pace it has to maintain and even constantly rise the innovations level. 

Most the suppliers of top casino software are developing new ways to integrate VR. Even in some of the earlier stages of VR development, many who were technologically equipped had chosen to implement VR into table games and casino slots as a promising addition to the games themselves.

VR and Microgaming

Microgaming is undoubtedly one of the biggest providers in the world of top-quality online casino software. As a leading company, Microgaming has already started testing VR products, some have been previewed at the ICE Totally Gaming 2016 conference. 

Using the proper tools as CRYO Lab software (designed to operate smoothly with Oculus Rift VR headsets), Microgaming is incorporating new excitement to their casino concepts.

It is up to our imagination to figure out what revolutionary new games will the future bring at Microgaming casinos

NetEnt's VR input

As another giant in the online casino industry, NetEnt is acknowledged to be the maker of some worlds’ most famous online slots and as such, it is considering the VR for its artistry new products.  

Gonzo's Quest is known as one of the most played online slots at lots of  NetEnt casinos. This quest slot has already been remodeled for a VR setting and the trials that have been carried showed a total success.  

Though presenting the same characters and symbols, the new VR version of Gonzo's Quest literally vivifies the play and will be launched sometime this year. 

It is obvious that VR will steal out the online gambling world. A monstrous $520 million by 2021 is what experts calculate for the VR online gambling! 

The future is coming faster than we think and better we all get our VR headsets to be ready to meet it.

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