The Strangest Things that Have Ever Taken Place in Casinos

The Strangest Things that Have Ever Taken Place in Casinos

For millions of people around the world, the casino is a place to spend a lot of free time having fun. The feeling of playing in an online casino site is different compared to playing in a land-based casino. When you play online, you are usually alone in front of the monitor of your computer or mobile. The land-based casino provides a place to enjoy your favourite games, with a social aspect included. You can see various other things happening in these places, and not always something you would expect. Undoubtedly, some bizarre events have taken place in various casinos, which we will consider today.

How to Repel Evil Spirits

Many people believe in the intervention of external forces in making important decisions or events in our lives. Various rituals are performed to attract positive energy or luck. Conversely, it is believed that the presence of evil spirits would prevent us from being lucky and winning by betting. So there are rituals that are believed to repel bad energy or evil spirits.

An employee of a casino tells about such a gambler who wants to drive away evil spirits while gambling. The employee noticed. that this player regularly visited the casino, sat at the table and always enjoyed his time betting on roulette. But the strange thing was that every time the dealer turned the wheel, the man threw salt in the ashtray. Curious why he was doing this, the casino employee asked him about his routine. His answer? That it repels evil spirits, thus giving himself a better chance of winning his roulette bets!

Trying to Avoid Losing by Putting Money in Your Mouth

Casino security guards probably see many strange events happening during their shifts. And that was certainly the case for a security guard working at a casino in Nairobi, Kenya. One customer had tried his luck at the roulette table, spreading his money over most of the numbers. Although he had pretty good odds, he lost all the bets he didn't take well. Before the dealer could collect the money, the gambler quickly grabbed the money and run to the exit of the casino. But the guard caught him. When he realized that he could not escape, the man put the paper money in his mouth and tried to swallow it! Two guards managed to knock him down and make him spit out the money. The guards returned the banknotes to the roulette table, all crushed and wet as they were in the man's mouth. The cleaner dried the money with a fan and the game went on.

A Dead Scene from 1950

This is a story from 1950, a time when gambling was completely illegal in London. However, this did not prevent illegal casinos from operating underground. One man told the story of their great-grandfather, who worked as a casino employee for a gang in such an establishment at the time, with the gambling business veiled as a gentlemen's club. One night a group of men entered the casino. One of them drank a lot of alcohol and fainted. His friends left him to sleep in a chair, and they continued to play poker at the casino. But a few hours later, when they tried to wake their friend, they found that he was not breathing. His death was confirmed, but no one in the illegal establishment wanted to be caught gambling. So they managed to move his body to the real gentlemen's club next door. There he was left in a chair, where he was later discovered by someone else and confirmed to be dead.

Let's Summon the Good Spirit who is in the Slot Machine

In general, everyone can believe in what he wants. There are players who think that small items can bring them luck and often bring their mascots to the casino hoping that could provide them with a fortune.

But the story we want to tell now is about a woman who believed that in the slot machines lives a little man who decides whether to win or not when we bet. She always asked the employee before turning the roulette wheel to call the little man from the machine to help her win. The employee always told her that such a man did not exist. The woman agreed with him, but fictitiously. And the employee had to say magic words at every spin, suggested to him by the woman for good luck.

Big Brother is Watching

The next story is about a player who stayed in the casino for a long time betting but without success. After spending $56,000, the man began to think that someone was watching him from the CCTV cameras. The gambler started to star right into the cameras, shouting and swearing at the security team operating them. Obviously the man wasn't drunk as he was drinking only soft drinks. He claimed that there were magnets in the roulette balls and that the result of each round was set. Noticing that the CCTV cameras were turning, he became much more paranoid, convinced that it was the goal of the security team's entertainment. He even tried to brake the camera throwing an ashtray at it. Naturally, this led to the security team entering the casino floor and removing him from the building. But before that moment, the guards probably had a lot of fun with him.

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