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Smartwatch slots will most probably be the future of online gambling?

Smartwatch slots will most probably be the future of online gambling?

Nowadays, our mobile devices reflect to a great extent our own personality. These tiny technological gadgets we never leave out of our sight initially were meant just for connecting friends and family, but quickly grew into our 24/7 companions.

A vast scope of everyday activities is being performed by dint of mobile phones buttons – emailing, messaging, internet banking, memorizing moment of your days with shots or videos to reveal on social media and even online gambling


From today’s perspective, it sounds unbelievable that the mobile phones got into our grip just some 20 or so years ago!


Shortly, in the course of several years, mobile phones evolved from a piece of high-tech that could only be spotted in science fiction movies to a constant presence in our daily routine. Young and old, even people deprived of high technological expertise exploit the mobile phones for one or another everyday purpose.


Casinos going mobile

As mobile phones transformed into very practical technological devices, they advanced into something beyond their initial purpose to communicate. Phones and mobile devices as tablets alter into a new gateway to your leisure time, online gambling including.

To keep up the pace, mobile casino games were quickly adjusted and squeezed to fit into a lesser space and yet maintain the perfection of the gameplay. The games attested to be impeccably flexible and by the reason of that, mobiles casinos are currently thriving.

Understandably, a vast number of online casinos are now presenting their sites in a mobile version as well, streaming through downloadable app or sites with HTML 5 browsers. You can even read reviews on our top 10 mobile casinos for 2017 and choose the top of the pile.


The progress of mobile

It is mobile companies to blame for urging the development of fresh and more thrilling ways of mobile fun and thus altering the perception of gambling.

New traverses are led down for you to reach the gambling world whenever and wherever you find fit by using gadgets like Virtual reality headsets that store mobile phones, augmented reality functions, and smartwatches.

Some casino software entities bet on VR feature and develop well-known online slots as Gonzo’s Quest based on that feature, others are emphasizing on AR games for ground casinos. In the hunt for the ultimate mobile, even smartwatches have been exploited in the online casino business, and though it may look weird to play on a technology thing that tiny, it could be as equally captivating or even more.


Mobile casino games via smartwatches

In the effort to load the worn on technology with a meaning far beyond just communicating, sending text messages or sharing daily experience, casino software developers are shifting slots and the manner you play them.

Marcogaming was the pioneer in following the trend and incorporated the know-how by adjusting for a lesser display, Dark Knight Rises and Thunderstruck 2, two of their top online slots. It may look senseless to spin the mobile slot reels on the petite monitor of a smartwatch, while bigger tools like tablets and phones fit the purpose perfectly well.

The fact is that if users are granted the opportunity to taste something freshly new (playing on a smartwatch, for instance), they will certainly not skip the chance to try it for themselves. Lastly, in times when our daily activities are run and driven by technology, worn on gadgets like smartwatches by both Android and Apple have the capacity to mutate online gambling into completely new species.  


Slots on a smartwatch

Because of the shrewd creators at Microgaming and other casino software suppliers, the slots playable on smartwatches have been adjusted to present the best performance possible.

Most of the time, smartwatch slots are managed by serious thumping. Thump leftwards to open betting or game options. Thump backward to swirl the reels. It may be operating on a smaller display, yet the performance is facilitated to the maximum, thus without compromising the earning capacities.

With regard to the space restrictions that the smartphone screens sustain, the slots and casinos cannot present withdrawal or deposit features. If you are focused on the complete oversight of the most crucial in gambling, your cash, better use the other devices that can perform these functions – tablets, phones or desktop computers.


Fresh starters that have no experience in a smartwatch playing, may have the odd feeling when hesitating to try this or not, yet there is a multitude of causes to decide in favor of:

  • Easy multitask performance There is a practical side in playing via smartwatch. You do not have to hassle about your phone when performing a daily routine like doing the laundry or taking your dosage of shopping therapy. Gamble on the move, while your winning chances encompass your wrist.
  • Friendly on the eyesThe design of the smartwatches is appropriate to their purpose; hence it is smooth, clever and non-compulsive. Enjoying your most loved casino games in this fashion lets you maintain earning and eliminating the fuss of your concomitant activities.
  • Mobile to the most You cannot get anything more mobile than a fully-operating smartwatch, holding the complete set of proficiencies of a phone, fasten on your wrist. The simplicity and expediency this manner of gameplay is offering are unparalleled.
  • It’s amusing The mere fact that you could enjoy the best mobile casino games on your smartwatch is enough motivating to do that. Well, it is certainly unfamiliar and to some extend illusive, but it’s amusing and that’s what counts, isn’t it?


What is coming next for the smartwatches

Though the smartwatch business gradually advances through the years, it hasn’t launched that sky high and as fast as the mobile business did. Not at the moment, anyhow. A lot of mobile punters still refer to smartwatches as a pointless expenditure and wouldn’t think buying one. Tendencies foresee this to alter, but until it is a fact, playing mobile at your most preferred casino still keeps mobile phones as your number one alternative.

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