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Sic-Bo - tips and tricks for beginners

Sic-Bo - tips and tricks for beginners

Are you one of those gamblers who would really love to play Sic-Bo but you are still struggling with the rules and strategy? If your answer is positive, than you have just landed to the correct page. Just read below and we promise that you will catch up quickly.

The game dates back from ancient China. Nowadays you can enjoy it both in land based and online casinos. It is based on the combination of craps, providing you sense of speed, and of roulette, thus giving you the opportunity for exclusive pleasure. Most of you can already associate it with the UK version of the game “Big Small” and won’t make a mistake at all. Because of its complexity and numerus variations of bets, Sic-Bo may appear to be quite challenging for beginners.

A “black belt” master level of this casino game will absolutely drive you to addiction and will guarantee you an ultimate satisfaction for your achievements. Just because of that our scope is to provide you a quick guide with easy, simple and user friendly tips & tricks. Prepare yourself – we are starting a Masterclass course.


Step 1: Sic-Bo Basics

In ancient times in China the players have been used to play with handmade dices – three, to be exact. Nowadays, what we can offer you is to play the game from the comfort of your own home – online. Nevertheless this basic difference, the goal of the game stays the same – you should guess what numbers will come out after you roll the dices.

Here you may notice that Sic-Bo looks a bit like poker, where the scope is to find out what variation of matching numbers will appear once the dices stop rolling. Another option to bet is that the numbers at the end will be totally different and there will be no match at all.

Very helpful, especially for the beginners, is the side table display, which will show all the different combinations – which in fact reminds us quite much of the roulette games you will see in Las Vegas. Once the dices have stopped rolling, on the side table you will have all the winning numbers and combinations highlighted on the display. Another similarity to the rest of the casino games is that all bets shall be placed before the dices are rolled. Payments vary from “even money” (for a unique bet) to up to 180:1 odds, for example a bet that three fives will appear in the final result.


Step 2: What other bets can be placed

What troubles the “new-comers” the most are the various possible combinations that someone can bet on. Even though, learning by hard the payoffs may occur to be even more difficult than guessing which will be the next winning sequence.


Big or Small bet

Thanks to the fact that in the game there are only three dices in use, the maximum combinations to end cannot be more than 18. If you are a beginner, we may offer you try with one of the easiest bets – “big or small”, where betting on “big” means that the total sum at the end will be between 11 and 17. The opposite, logically, will be a “small” bet, where the dices shall all together make a maximum sum of equal to or below 10. This betting strategy can be defined as a basic one as provides you 50/50 chances to be on the winning side. Only in case where the dices end up rolling with same number, only then you lose all your money and the house takes the bucks.


Single number bet

As the name of the bet shows it, when you bet on “single numbers” you should choose only one number and hope that it will appear at the end. The more dices stop with that number, the bigger your payoff will be. Let’s take an example – you are playing on single number and you chose as your lucky number – 5. If one of the dices show 5 after they stop rolling, you will win 2:1 odds. If two of the dices stop on the number 5, then you will be paid off 3:1. If all of the dices show off number 5, the winner will take 12:1 odds.


Double numbers bet

In this case when you bet on double numbers you have pre-defined two things: 1. the number that you predict will appear at the end of the spin; 2. the chosen number will appear only on two of the dices. Winners usually takes 10:1 odds. Here you are not allowed to bet on random numbers – on the contrary, you should clearly define your lucky number.


Triple numbers bets

More or less triple numbers bet is the same as the double numbers bet. If you guess the correct number and it appears on all three dices, then your pay check may reach up to 180:1 return. The difference from the previous kind of bet is that here you may also bet on “random” numbers, which means that whatever number appears you will win, as long as it shows all the same at all three dices. In this case the payout is 30:1 but still, you are on the winning side.


Specific numbers bet

We may name this bet “the professional way of playing”, as you shall be either a professional player to win or an extremely lucky mortal. Here the payout depends on the % of probability that the specific combination you bet on may occur. The bigger the possibility to roll out to a specific sum of numbers, the lower the odd you will be paid off. Again, as it may appear quite confusing, let’s take an example. You bet that the three dices will roll to a sum of 5. That means that (example) two of the dices have to roll to 2 and one of the dices – to 1. This trend is very rare to happen, thus the payoff is much higher than betting on 15 for example. This combination comes up to 62:1 odds.


In conclusion, Sic-Bo is quite an exciting game which raises the adrenaline of any kind of gamblers. But as we believe that practice is better than theory, please go ahead and try what you have just learned. Good luck!

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