Should Card Counting be restricted or not?

Among the different forms of casino gaming, card and table games have been preferred by most casino players. There are card games such as Blackjack, that require not only a piece of good luck but also skill and strategy to win.

Different methods and strategies to cheat the system have been developed by the players over the years.


For a long time the activity of Card Counting has been considered as illegal while in fact in many places it has a legal status.


Blackjack is a game preferred by millions. It requires skill and strategy to reach good wins. In addition to these card counting could lead to massive wins. Casinos try to introduce plenty of restrictions to curb card counters leaving genuine blackjack lovers at a loss.

Legal or illegal is the actual status of Card Counting?

Over the years counting cards has been seen by many casinos as cheating and wrongdoing. In Atlantic City for example, they are doing their best to stop card counters by trying to distract these card counters or shuffle after every hand. Other casinos, such as in Vegas usually throw players out after they banned them for counting cards in their casinos. Casinos also use other methods such as suddenly reducing the maximum bet without giving a reason.

However, it has been found that in some places the activity of Card Counting is legally protected. A case in New Jersey from 1979 where a player was banned to enter the casinos for counting cards had a positive result for the player after The State Supreme Court ruled that card counting was legal and protected in the state of New Jersey.  

Casinos use different methods to restrain Card Counting.

As casinos cannot ban card counters, they actually look for other ways to stop or distract them. To curb card counting some casinos even take it to the extremes such as changing their blackjack payout rules. For example, if you hit Blackjack you generally get double back your money but with the new rules, you get less than double. And with the payout change, many believe that it isn’t Blackjack at all. Actually it is the same as playing roulette or any other casino game.

Since the payout change has been implemented there has been a rapid decrease in Blackjack players. From one hand the casino’s earnings have increased, but the blackjack players have lost  interest.

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