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Play responsibly to keep the fun

Play responsibly to keep the fun

Online gambling can turn easily from fun into a dangerous activity for players who don't know how to control their urges.

While gambling online things can go really wrong when Lady Luck is not on your side, but you have decided you wanted to win at any cost.


A Norwich man faces 5 years in prison after being accused of stealing £ 1 million from his employer in order to gamble online


Steve Girling was working as a Chief Finance officer at the Premier Education Group in Norway. As many people he was keen on playing online casino games. But now he faces five years of imprisonment only because he lost the control on his favourite entertainment.

Girling stole a massive amount of money from the company he was working for. While being at work he was playing online slot games and roulette games and spent more than £50,000 daily.

He got blinded and enchanted by the number of gifts and perks he could receive. He was even sent to see the Dubai world Cup. At some time his wife doubted what her husband was doing. She contacted her husband's bosses and Girling's crimes came to an end. The case was given to the police and irresponsible player was charged with theft.

The Guilty Party

Girling realized his mistake when he stopped flying over the clouds. He was very ashamed and remorseful. He claimed guilty before his bosses for the total amount he had stolen. He declared he takes full responsibility for his actions. He has already started to repay his former employer. But he also faces 5-year stay in prison for his criminal activity.

According to his opinion online casinos should have a better duty of care to their customers. He thinks that such a problem must have been visible for the bookies. They should ask him and had to stop him earlier.

Now Girling relies on the help and support of GamCare to get clean from gambling. Thanks to their assistance more than a year he has not placed any bet.

Never Play Irresponsibly

As a form of entertainment playing online casino games must be kept as a fun. The right clue for this is to play responsibly. With online gambling it’s very easy for a player to develop a problem when playing recklessly and irresponsibly.

Nowadays gambling providers tend not only to attract new customers but also take the responsibility to encourage online casinos to implement effective safeguards. But actually the overall responsibility remains for the player. It is really very important to make use of the safeguards and also take breaks from playing online.

As soon as you you feel that you or a friend of yours might be developing a gambling problem it’s more than vital to get help as quickly as possible.

Never forget the main rule that gambling is nothing else than a game of chance and winnings are never guaranteed. When it is evident that Lady Luck is not on your side, stop for some days. If not you risk to end up in a situation similar to one Mr Girling is in today.

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