PayPal is planning to stop payments to and from gambling sites in Germany

PayPal is planning to stop payments to and from gambling sites in Germany

Massive development and many changes have happened to the online gambling industry during the last few years. Casinos have increased the ways of entertainment. Many new attractive games have appeared on the market to create a better gaming experience for online casino players.  

To make it easier for the customers a variety of payments methods have been introduced by the gambling sites.

Unfortunately, together with the positive changes numerous restrictions and new gambling laws have been imposed in many countries to the online gambling industry.


One of the most popular payment methods available - PAYPAL, is planning to stop their services for German Online Casino Players!


No More PayPal in Germany

Nowadays playing online casino games and gambling have become one of most popular form of entertainment for a huge number of users all over the world. As an effort to curb overspending and protecting players from possible gambling addictions governments in many countries create new laws and enforce different amendments or restrictions.    

For example, one of the most recent events was the suggestion of banning credit card gambling. In Germany, one of the most popular E-wallet, PayPal, has announced that it will sto

p providing payment services in terms of online gambling sites.

German players using this form of payment will have to find another payment option, as the restriction is going to be implemented by the 21st of October, 2019.

PayPal in Germany has recently made amendments to their terms and conditions. The main reason for these amendments was a directive from the German government. PayPal should stop facilitating gambling transactions and introduce stricter controls regarding online gambling transactions.

According to the new changes PayPal will no longer be offering their services in any regard or activities that are illegal in Germany. This means that PayPal will no longer be allowing gambling transactions by German players.

Gambling in Germany

The laws in Germany concerning gambling can be described in general as complex and rather difficult to understand what gambling activity is legal and safe, what is not. According to a federal regulation by 2012 gambling was still declared illegal in the country.

As an exception to the rule was the fact that gambling was legalized only in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Actually Germany’s iGaming is regulated by the individual states, as it is in  the United States. In the effort to regulate and control the licensing procedures of local gambling operations many changes and new rules are currently introduced. As a result the new clause prohibiting players from using PayPal to fund their online gambling activities comes as no surprise.

Many things connected in online gambling in Germany are still unclear, but one thing is certain:  German players will no longer be able to fund their best casino online account using PayPal.

So as a summary we would like to say again that from the 21st of October 2019 PayPal will stop any online gambling transactions for German players.

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