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Online gambling regulations in Sweden can be changed in 2019

Online gambling regulations in Sweden can be changed in 2019

Every day there are changes and fluctuations on the online casino market. It evolves and develops constantly. The industry is trying to match the player needs with legal regulations. On this basis significant changes occur with the market in different countries.

In the near future Sweden can experience big changes as well. Sweden is a popular online casino destination. The new legal regulations could be a serious shake up of the market as whole.

New changes in 2019

Interesting changes have been proposed into the Swedish gambling industry. They have been prepared for more than a year and a half and refer to the online casino industry, land-based casinos, lottery, casinos that operate in cruise ships and betting services too. 

The Swedish government started the initiative and Lotteriinspektionen Director General Håkan Hallstedt led the review. The purpose is that Sweden should scrap the current monopoly that Svenska Spel has over the online casino industry.

A more liberal licensing system should replace the current system. International operators should fulfill new rules for applying. New requirements should be drawn up. In this way new operators could be accepted into Sweden.


The suggested tax on gross revenue of 18% in total has been proposed as a change in the legal system of Sweden


This proposal looks fairly market friendly and reasonable as the gambling tax in the United Kingdom is 15% and the tax rate in Denmark is 20%.

Changes in the casino regulatory framework

Many players have shared their excitement in connection with the possible amendments of the current framework which are set to come into effect.

The current operators in the country will have some months to react as the changes will become  official on the 1st of January 2019.

The most popular current operators in the unregulated market include the Unibet brand. It is operated by the Kindred Group. They completely support the possible changes.

Responsible Gambling

The government of Sweden has always encouraged safe gambling practices. Gambling addiction has been recognized as a problem that must be discussed.

When you choose an online casino for your entertainment it should provide a safe experience. Additionally to this the casino should also allow you to control your experience. You should be able to set limits on your deposits, losses and the frequency you play. The casino that meets your needs will be the best for you. 

For more information on the regulation changes in Sweden's online casino market you can follows our further news.

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