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Online Gambling Laws and Legislation in Norway

Online Gambling Laws and Legislation in Norway

Norway is among the countries with the strictest gambling rules of legislation. Online and offline gambling is controlled by the government with the only aim to ensure the players to participate only in responsible gambling.

The gambling market in Norway is increasing very fast. But there are only two betting sites in Norway and they do not provide the best gaming selection at all. There are some obstacles that don't allow the gambling market to develop to its full potential.



There is a clear domination of two state gambling companies on the Norwegian Gaming Market. They are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. These companies owned by the state control the bigger part of the gambling sector which has two branches: gambling and horse racing.

Norsk Tipping deals with poker, sport  betting, lottery, keno and scratch card games. It is completely owned by the Ministry of Culture. The profits coming from the gambling activities go back to the state budget or beneficial projects. 

Norsk Rikstot organizes the horse racing. It was established by the Jockey Club and Trotting Association of Norway. It is an independent association. Most of the profits from its activities go back into the horse sector. 

According to the Totalisator Act and the Gaming Scheme Act both operators have exclusive rights to provide the biggest part of Norwegian legal gambling activities. These the only legal companies certified to provide online gambling services in Norway.  




There are strict limitations for private operators applying for a lottery operating license. Commercial operators are not allowed to get full gaming license from the Gaming Authorities as not eligible.



It was completely different in the 1990's. Private operators could place their slot machines almost everywhere – grocery stores, hotels, bars, gas stations etc. The slot machines profit brought nearly 200 million NOK. The gross turnover from the slot machines increased to 9 billion NOK in 2001. In 2004 it grew up to 26 NOK.

In 2004 the slot machines in Norway brought 64% of the gambling turnover. The state should develop the potential of these slots and not try to limit the access to the slots.

Instead of this in 2008 all slot machines were banned and replaced by MultiX. Users of this slot are completely monitored and they can't start playing before having an account or an access card. This is the for the state to control players, their wins, losses and prevent any gambling problems. It's for charity projects that the revenues from the slot machines were used. The limited access and pay-out amounts made most users visit and play at foreign casino sites.



The Norwegian Act of Payment was implemented in 2010 with the view to prevent and block online gambling on foreign sites for gambling. According to this Act banks cannot let clients pay by credit or debit cards for online or land-based casino activities from abroad. The main aim of this Act is to reduce the risk from gambling addictions.

Nowadays high-technologies give free access to users to play online if they feel they like it. The Act of Payment in Norway was implemented under the influence of the Unlawful Internet gambling enforcement Act – 2006 introduced in the USA more than 10 years ago.



In Norway taxing is applied not not on gambling providers, but all gambling winnings are taxable as well. To ensure responsible gambling Norwegian government has very strict gambling regulations and controls all gambling activities.

Norway is the country with the most strict requirements regarding gambling activities. The law requires even gambling winnings coming from abroad should be declared and be subject to taxation. According to the newest amendment in Norwegian legislation casino winnings whether they do it locally or internationally they will be taxed.



Only state-owned operators can provide gambling services in Norway according to the local law rules and regulations. Actually many offshore gaming sites which are fully licensed supply free access to Norwegian citizens to their online casino activities. Some of these sites provide games in Nynorsk and Bokmal and allow transactions in Norwegian Krones as well.But the are taken as illegal in Norway.  

If you decide to start gambling in sites like these, know that the government will occasionally decide to follow you up and hunt you down. The most serious problem could be the restriction of using debit and credit cards for transactions. To beat this problem many gamblers use trustworthy e-wallet ways of payment, such as Euteller, Skrill or Neteller.  

Usually Norwegian authorities chase, punish and fine the unlicensed operators and not the citizens who play on foreign sites. You shouldn't worry about the law but start playing, have fun and win big with gaming entertainments.

You can have a look first at our list of Top Online Casinos, choose an online casino and sign up. You can feel safe and secure with all these casinos, as they have been reviewed, carefully tested and approved by our experts. Because of the strict law regulations against gambling activities, there will be no support or help if you run into a suspicious site. That is why our advice and recommendations are to play only at safe and trustworthy sites.

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