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Online Gambling Industry becomes one of the dominant contributors of income in the UK

Online Gambling Industry becomes one of the dominant contributors of income in the UK

According to the latest figures released by the UK Gambling Commission the online casino industry has recorded massive growth rate during the past few years.

It has slowly entered into the homes of the players all over the world including the UK. According to the statistic online gambling is the biggest factor for the growth of UK gaming industry as a whole.

The indexes show that the UK gambling market has made a 10% growth rate in the gambling revenues. This is now the industry record for the country.

The decline of the land-based casinos

For centuries gambling has been a favourite form of entertainment for many people all over the world. The new technologies and improved resources provide the possibility to play online from the comfort of your homes or until you travel.

Speaking about land based gambling, in Great Britain you can find not more than 150 casinos and about 8500 betting shops. Their number decreases every year. The number of bingo centers also falls compared to the figures from the past.

At the same time online gambling is booming. The gambling sites in the UK have recorded £4.68 billion as gross gambling revenue. Compared with the figures of the previous year, this makes 10% growth.

Speaking about the combination of  all casino products (including Poker, Pool Betting, Exchange Betting and Bingo) we can see the total percentage of 56 in gross gambling revenue.

The future is in the online casino industry

On a daily basis new modern technologies have been explored in this industry. New online casinos and sites appear every day. Modern and attractive games and form of entertainment for fun and rewards emerge. The promise of even bigger growth to come in the future is evident.

No-deposit bonus casinos appear in the UK. This is a chance for the players to meet less risk and more pleasure in their gambling adventure.

All the figures from the inquiries and statistic show a bright future for the UK gambling market. It has been growing and will grow in the next years. It takes and will take the biggest part in the state revenue.

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